The new series Hotter than my Daughter, currently airing on BBC3 welcomes Sam Burnett of RUSH Hair as one of the resident stylists transforming the programmes participants – the RUSH Way.

As Liz McClarnon presents two sets of mothers and daughters at war over their wardrobes and relationships, Sam starts work on styles that bring the contestants looks bang up to date to compliment their lifestyle. Each episode of Hotter than my Daughter features two sets of mums and daughters and explores their relationship and fashion rivalry. Presenter Liz looks at how the pair relates to each other and why they compete to look the best, sometimes leaving each other in the shade when it comes to fashion sense.

“Working on ‘Hotter than my Daughter’ was great as I was able to create styles for the girls that really accentuated their personality and their features. I loved the finished looks and the girls were delighted with their new style.”
Sam Burnett, RUSH Hair

Hotter than my Daughter airs on BBC Three at 8.30pm on Tuesday nights.


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