7 Over-40’s Instagramers To Follow

Fashion definitely does not end at 40. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that over-40’s style is more refined and confident than ever before.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out these over-40’s Instagrammers who are crushing it for proof.

1. Maria Helena Bordon Meireles

Sharing her time between Sao Paolo and New York, model and businesswoman Helena is a paradigm for style. And with such a magnificent mane from which to draw inspiration, you’ll be one step closer to creating a truly unique ‘do. Playing with a decent amount of gain and volume will also make achieving this hairstyle easier and look better.

2. Grece Ghanem

Vogue has called her Instagram’s ageless style icon, praise indeed from the Bible of fashion itself. Check her feed out for edgy, fun, over-40’s styles. And if you want some advice on how to look after mature hair, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

3. Judith Boyd

The Queen of Hats, this 73 year old Coloradoan blogger is living life to her fullest. While we can appreciate it’s nigh impossible to emulate such an iconic image, there’s no harm in drawing a little inspiration here and there. Follow her for vintage looks and, of course, the very best headgear!

4. Nikki Nicola

This mid-forties fashion addict and composer could teach us all a thing or two about style. With Nikki, it’s all about keeping things simple, while at the same time adding plenty of glamour (where called for!) to create a wholesome yet dazzling image. Check out her feed for everyday outfits that enhance and flatter your own individual look!

5. Eddie Fischer

Fashion, travel and lifestyle all come together on 42-year-old Eddie’s Instagram feed and blog. Hailing from uber-stylish Berlin, Eddie Fischer shows us how grace and elegance don’t have to go out of the window after 40! The key is knowing where to be subtle and striking with every outfit. Master that and you’re sure to set the world of social media ablaze!

6. Marlien Rentmeester

New York-based Marlien is a former Conde Nast editor who specialises in matching high-end and high-street fashion on one canvas! Want to know how you can mix vintage Versace with that Zara accessory you love? Marlien has got your back. Check out her feed for unique, affordable outfit and hairstyle inspiration.

7. Maye Musk

Maye is a Canadian model, author, and Elon Musk’s mum! Having modeled for over 50 years, Maye is a style aficionado, 2017’s CoverGirl spokesmodel, and dietician specialist. Now there’s an Instagram icon to look up to! Follow her for chic styles that impress wherever you are.

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