13 Tried And Tested Hairstyles For Running & Working Out

When working out or running what hairstyles should you wear? You have made the commitment of going to the gym. You’ve brought the working out outfits, your water bottle and even a new pair of trainers but how do you find a hairstyle that doesn’t fall out, become loose and cause you to stop you working out (even if you did need that little break).

None of us enjoy those annoying flyaways sticking to our face or our hair looking like a frizz ball. Whether it’s for that all important gym selfie or for practicability we still want to look good.


To help you avoid the misfortune of mid workout, and seeing yourself in the mirror looking like Monica from Friends, we have piled a list 13 Tried And Tested Hairstyles For Running & Working Out.

1) Bajo Braid Into Space Buns

This hairstyle may take a few minutes to create but the finishing look is amazing. This hairstyle will stay secure when you are working out. Why not try this hairstyle when you work out next? Since not many people will be rocking this look it is sure to get you a few likes on social media. This will surely make you try this hairstyle again and again. After all, we all love a bit of social media loving.

TIP: If you have an evening event to attend e.g. wedding, birthday party, engagement party why not try and adapt this hairstyle. Wear this hairstyle during the day then later that night unravel the braids to unleash beach wavy curls effect. For long lasting beach wave curls add a few spritzes of KMS California Hair Play Sea Salt Spray to your hair.

For help on how to recreate this style click here

Recommended Product– Use Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Sheer Lacquer Micro Fine Finishing Spray to keep braids in place all day.

2) High Ponytail Plait

This hair style ensures no hair will irritate you during working out. Do you have the fortune of having hair as long as Perrie Edwards? If so whilst working out I’m sure you do not want to endure your ponytail swishing across your back. If so wrap your plait around into a bun for a plait bun. This will not only give you not one but two styles to interchange during working out. Also, you can experiment with different types of plaits. Adam Reed agree in an article he did with The Telegraph

If a pony is tied up high enough you won’t risk hair sticking to the face.

Recommended Product: Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray. This product is perfect for finishing off this style adds shine to your hair. It smells amazing too.

3) Ponytail

Don’t be scared to be creative with your hair. Even the simplest of hairstyles can get a creative spin on them. As illustrated above why not section your ponytail into sections with hairbands. These could be colourful or neutral. You can also create a classic or messy ponytail depending on your style. After styling your hair in a Ponytail backcomb the top of the ponytail to give that messy look. This is perfect for the gym and running around to do your errands.

Recommended Product: Use the L’Oréal Tecni Art hairspray to create the messy ponytail.

4) Pixie Cut

Why not take the leap and go for the big chop, this style is less fuss and saves you time. After all it is on trend. You will feel cooler and also this will be great for the summer months too. Ruby Rose isn’t the only celebrity to follow this hairstyle trend; Janelle Monae, Jennifer Hudson, Kristen Stewart and Emma Willis are all rocking this latest trend.

TIP: If you have thick, curly, coarse hair rub a few drops of serum in before using hair straighteners so that your hair is more manageable.

Recommended Product: Elixir Ultime Original Oil. Add a few drops to your palms, rub together and run your hands through you hair.

5) Bunches

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Throwback to the 90s. Which Spice Girl were you? If you were Baby, Scary,Ginger, or Sporty then at one time you must of had your hair in bunches. If you have above shoulder length hair this style is for you, it’s quick and easy. As soon as you section your hair into two sections your will feel like you’re reliving your youth. Plus all you need is two hair bands.

TIP: If you have long hair. During your work out if your hair is getting in the way wrap your hair around into Space Buns. Secure with an additional hair band. Which is great as Popbands always look great on the wrist as well as in your hair.

Recommended Product: Popbands secure all hair types. They’re elasticated, plus they don’t damage, leave a kink or pull your hair out. These are on sale at all Rush Hair salons.

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6) Classic Top Knot

Everyone’s all-time favourite including the Queen B herself, Beyonce. It’s an oldie but a goodie. Hands up who’s hair frequently ends up in this style and you don’t even know how. This hair style will definitely keep those flyaways from sticking to your face while working out. Depending on your hair type this hairstyle can sometimes become loose when working out at the gym. According to Erica Schuckies from Active.com this hair style is

So easy a caveman could do it.

Recommended Product: If you have thin/fine hair wrap your hair around a hair doughnut. Then secure with bobby pins. This will add extra volume to your hair whilst adding that extra security so that the style will last your work out.

7) Add A Headband

If you are in a rush or do not know how to plait, this hairstyle is for you. One quick slide of a headband and all your hair is out of your face. You’ve also added a pop of colour to your workout outfit. Win! Win! Why not team this look with other suggested working out hairstyles e.g. Top Knot, Pixie Cut and Ponytail. This will give you hairstyles for the whole week.

Recommended Product: To create a messy look add KMS California Hair Play Sea Salt Spray to your hair.

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8) Bajo Braid Top Knot

This workout hairstyle is very secure when running and will keep you cool. You can also wear this hairstyle to a wedding or night out. It’s perfect for those with layered hair. Runners World agrees with us stating:

This inventive hairstyle is ideal for short hair or layers that stick to your neck in the summer months. For best results, pair it with a high pony or bun.


and goes on to say the hair style is a

hot-weather god send.


Recommended Product: To keep those flyaways at bay finish the look with Kérastase Styling Laque Couture. Add bobby pins to secure the bun in place.

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9) Low Bun

This hairstyle when working out at the gym is best suited to those with short hair. Those with long hair may find their bun to droop down touching their back. However if you do have long hair you can always opt for this style on a night out or special occasion e.g. Birthday, Wedding, christening. Celebrities such as Adele love this hair style.

Recommended Product: To keep those flyaways at bay finish the look with Kérastase Styling Laque Couture. Add bobby pins to tightly secure the bun in place.

10) Halo Braid

One of the latest popular hairstyles for the budding gym goers is the Halo Braid. Fashionable, feminine and practical. Adam Reed agrees with this style saying the following in an interview The Telegraph

… when you’re running, a soft halo braid means you’ll never have sweaty hair falling onto your face

Recommended Product: Use Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Sheer Lacquer Micro Fine Finishing Spray

11) Dutch Braided High Bun

Simply style your hair in a high pony tail. Plait the loose hair into one plait and wrap around.

TIP: If you can’t braid try twisting the hair then secure with a hair grips.

Recommended Product: To keep them flyaways at bay finish the look with Kérastase Styling Laque Couture

12) French Plait

You can also play around with different partings in your hair to create alternative looks. These braids will keep your hair away from your face, whilst ensuring you still look fabulous.

Recommended Product: Use Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Sheer Lacquer Micro Fine Finishing Spray .

13) Monica Geller

Lastly, if all fails you can always embrace your inner Monica Geller.

Pop into your nearest Rush salon, and let them recreate any of these gorgeous hairstyles for you

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