5 Hair Victories From The VMA’s

This years VMA’s were HAIRmazing! We were dazzled by the array of beautiful outfits and hairstyles on show. With your hair being the crown you never take off, it can make or break your special occasion style. Here’re five noteworthy looks from this year’s MTV Video Music Awards that’ll really give you something to sing about!

1. Halsey, Rainbow Hair Chalk

First up, we need to talk about Halsey’s Rainbow Hair Chalk! Complimenting her iridescent attire, we love this easy and temporary addition. Fit for any special occasion, Halsey owned this look, and stayed glam the whole night. It may not be easy to pull off, but the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow comes in the form of you turning heads for all the right reasons!

2. Taylor Swift, Golden Waves

Taylor never disappoints. As usual, her look hit all the right notes, not least being her beautiful tousled golden waves. Perfectly paired with her ’80s-inspired outfit, she sure as heck let her presence be known at this years VMA’s. And as a woman set to re-record her first six albums in a bid to reclaim her style, her ‘do is only one phase of showing the wider world just how much she means business. You go, girl!

3. Lizzo, Beehive

This year’s real winner, Lizzo’s stage performance was one not to miss. Rocking the red carpet wearing a bright red Moschino gown, Lizzo was also sporting a Beehive to be jealous of. The whole look perfectly encapsulated the singer’s feelgood superstar image. Siren indeed!

4. Bella Hadid, High Ponytail

Bella always looks on point. This year, we fell in love with her high slick ponytail. Such a dominating look is great for when you want to power dress, and when combined with a Balayage, well, you don’t need us to tell you that sometimes the most impactful styles come from the most surprising places.

5. Heidi Klum, Bronze Highlights + Ombre

Last up, the ever-classy Heidi Klum. We love her light and breezy Highlights and Ombré combination. And despite her supermodel tresses being super long, you can definitely pull off the style with a much shorter ‘do. A versatile colour, this look works well for lots of people, not just the super famous!

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