6 Braided Hairstyles for Summer

If there’s one style that can take you from beach to bar this summer, it’s the braid. The fashion accessory to an everyday style, or just for keeping hair in place on a hot day, the braid is your summer style staple.


Braids, plaits, pleats, twists – whatever you want to call them they are the most versatile, quick and easy style to create. Braids are a festival and weekend favourite and the best bit is the messier the better.  And of course, fans of Game of Thrones will know the power of a braid!


A search on Instagram reveals more than 8 million images so there’s plenty of hair inspiration out there. But here’s our round up of the best braids for summer.


1 Accessorise

2018 braids are accessorised with feathers, rings or jewellery to give it a more boho, casual feel. Rings look fabulous on scalp braids, while feathers and pompoms hanging from long, dishevelled plaits guarantee to be everywhere this festival season.



2 Simple plaits

Nothing is simpler than the three-stand plait – and the best bit?  When you remove it the next day, you’ll have an amazing texture in your hair that you can simply rake through with your fingers and voila, beautiful mermaid waves.



3 Skull braid

Take a triangle section of hair from temple to temple to the crown and braid, taking sections as you go along, then leave the rest of your hair long and wavy. For added interest, tie a ponytail at the crown for a casual weekend look.



4 Halo braid

A celebrity favourite, this is perfect for a special occasion. It’s soft and feminine and gently frames the face. A few loose tendrils give it a modern finish.



5 Waterfall braid

Add something different to long hair with a waterfall braid – it takes time to master but the results are worth it!




6 Rope braid

Simply take two sections and twist like a rope, securing the ends with a band. This can look great as a ponytail, or as a section of hair to add interest to an everyday look.


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