7 Hair Colours We’re Loving This Autumn!

The sweet summer sun is now a distant memory and the future looks well….rather rainy. This can only mean one thing, Autumn has officially arrived. Fall coming may seem bleak for some, but one of our favourite things the changing seasons brings, is the opportunity to change your hair colour. You may think Autumn calls for dark tones however we’ve spotted some coloured locks that may make you feel differently!

As we scroll through our feeds #hinspiration (hair inspiration) pops up everywhere. We’ve been watching both celebrities and influencers push the limits and challenge conventional hair colours this season. We are totally here for it!

These inspired hair colour trends aren’t for the faint hearted but if your looking to experiment, then here are the looks to inspire!

Pretty in Pink

The subtlety of these rosey shades make these hair colours easily wearable. Hue’s of pink can almost pass as natural so there is no worry of this hair being overdramatic.

Taylor Smart – @Twuss

Taylors romantic rosey look is a perfect subtle shade.

Maisie Williams – @mwilliams

GOT actress Maisie regularly gives us inspiration. Her rooty pink tresses are gorgeous yet low-key!

Got the Blues?

Now these looks are dramatic. If you want to completely mix up your look, blue is the colour for you!
Blue is a versatile colour with shades ranging from Navy to Ocean blue. The possibilities are endless!

Sophie Hannah – @sophiehannah

Sophie’s look demonstrates a stylish way to go bold with your hair! This two shade look proves you shouldn’t shy away from experimenting with daring colours this Autumn!

Niki Demar – @Niki

The Youtuber Niki’s blue locks are her signature look . These royal blue tresses display how versatile blue is.

Ice Ice Baby

Icey Blonde tones are perfect way to brighten up the dull autumnal days! If you also add a darker route the maintenance of these looks is easier and helps with hair damage!

Kristy – @The_cheapblond

Kristy proves the adaptability of these glacial tones.

Jess Cheng – @thestylecat

Jess Chang’s quirky style and icey blonde serves as great inspiration for the colder months!

Rad Roots

These looks are for those of us brave enough to try bold trends. The method of colouring is the opposite of balayage with the brighter colour being at the root and the darker on the ends!

Billie Eilish- @BillieEilish

Ever since billie debuted her neon roots we’ve been obsessed! This may not be the look for everybody but we had to note how cool this is!

Halsey – @Halsey

‘Without Me’ singer Halsey presented her rainbow roots at the VMA’s this year and we LOVE them! if you are brave enough to rock this look we take our hats off to you.

Lady in Red

These rich red tones are all over our feeds! Mulberry and burgundy hues compliment all skin tones and will look great with your Autumn wardrobe.

Francesca Perks – @francescaperks

Francescas whole aesthetic serves as major inspiration! Especially her crimson cut.

Zendaya Coleman _ @Zendaya

Zendaya nearly broke the internet when she debuted her Scarlett strands on Emmy’s the red carpet!

Powerful Pastels

Adding a pastel toned colour to your all over blonde can elevate your look. Adding a more striking and bold without long-term commitment. These colour fade quickly so you dont have to worry about permanence or maintenance! If you base colour is brown an all over bleach would have to be applied, which may not be ideal for these cold and dry months.

Olivia O’brien – @oliviaobrien

Olivia O’brien’s violet look is a stunning do’ we want to rock!

The Lucky Streak

The Mallen streak is a huge trend this autumn! The official definition is ‘a streak of white, red, grey or black hair which grows amidst normally coloured hair.’ However the ever-growing trend of dying mallon streaks has become popularised. These look are giving us 90’s throwback feels

Steff London – @SteffLondon

Steff London debuted her streaks this week on Instagram! The subtle streaks can really switch up your look!

Summer Mckeen – @summermckeen

Summer has a subtle streak at the front of her dirty blonde hair! We love!

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