9 Fool Proof Styles for Women with Fine Hair

It’s easy to feel disheartened if you have naturally fine hair. On a bad day the never-ending battle to coax limp, lifeless hair into bounteously thick, flowing locks can seem depressingly futile. But don’t give up! The wonders of strategic hair styling can save the day. We’re here to tell you that the right hairdo can have a genuinely transformative effect, creating the impression of body and volume as if by magic.

Yes, products can be your ally in the war against limp locks, but you’ll be fighting a losing battle if your hairstyle is fundamentally ill-suited to fine hair, so take a tour of these body-boosting hairdos that should transform your fine hair into fine hair.

Deep side parting – Cara Delevingne @CaraDelevingne

A deep side parting is a great way to create volume and texture. It’s also a gloriously simple technique to transform uninspiring hair in a matter of seconds – simply by shifting your standard side-parting a little bit further left or right.

Blunt bob – Dua Lipa @DuaLipa

One of 2019’s most on-trend styles also happens to work wonders with fine hair. Shorter bobs that are cut blunt above the shoulder can lend the appearance of volume by creating a more even distribution of density, which makes this a great look if you think your hair can look a bit limp.

Asymmetrical bob – Rosamund Pike @mspike

An asymmetrical bob is cut shorter on one side than the other, which adds an edgy feel to the classic blunt bob. Asymmetrical lines create shape and structure that in turn give the impression of body and volume.

Layered lob – Nina Dobrev @nina

The lob, or long bob, is a bob that’s cut between the chin and above the collar bone. It’s a flattering look for almost all face types and also a great way to create texture and volume. Layering adds even more movement and character.

Half Bun – Kendall Jenner – @kendallJenner

The ‘Hun’ is a half-up, half down bun and widely lauded as the best solution to a bad hair day. It’s also a great way to add height and a bit of structure to your hair without losing your flowing locks.

Balayage -Lucy Hale –@lucyhale

Balayage is an increasingly popular colouring technique which involves sweeping sections of hair lightly with colour so they blend in seamlessly. It’s also a fantastic way to create the impression of volume by adding subtle sweeping texture, rather like contouring.

Tousled pixie – Lily Collins – @lilyjcollins

This chic boyish look creates an impression of thickness through texture and movement. You can add tousled texture by rubbing product into individual sections of your hair.

Chignon -Emily Blunt

Chignon is really just a fancy French way of describing a bun but, to be fair, a well-executed chignon is chic enough to warrant a fancy French name. Like most updos, the chignon is well suited to thin hair, in fact, it’s easier to create an elegant chignon with fine hair.

Pull through braids – Blake Lively – @blakelively

Braids are a classic way to add volume but can be a bit of a faff. Pull-through braids, on the other hand, are fabulously straightforward and no less striking. In fact, this voluminous look is effectively a series of ponytails and doesn’t require any braiding skills.

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