9 Happy Hair Colour Trends

Hair colour can define your mood and personality, so as we begin a new season, changing your hair colour can make you feel refreshed and will give you a new style. Here are our top hair colour trends to look out for this year!

1) Copper Hues

Copper tones are definitely popular again, and rightly so, with only 2% of the world’s population as natural redheads, this is a great way to grab attention!

Red shades help boost skin tones, if you’re fair. From strawberry to deep copper, there’s a lot of variation you can go for, and tied to together with a bouncy blow dry makes a classic combination, as demonstrated by New York Fashion Week model Madeline Stuart.

Make sure you consult your Rush stylist before you commit to any big colour changes!

2) Balayage

The balayage is still popular, and we’re not surprised! Expect to see the technique become more diverse. This natural looking effect is great, and as long as you use the right aftercare products, you’ll have healthy natural looking sun-kissed hair!

Here’s Suki Waterhouse, looking great with her bright Balayage! Check out more Balayage variations further down the page.

3) Fashion Balayage

Victorias Secret and Catwalk Model Behati Prinsloo recently showcased her bright red fashion balayage at Versace’s Milan show. This is a great way to add some excitement and personality to your look, and you needn’t stick to red!

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4) Cute Candyfloss

Rugby based YouTube star Roxxsaurus owns this look! This pastel pink hair colour can be only a step away for bored blondes. It requires a bit more work if you’ve darker tones. Expect to see not just pink on the high street this year but all kinds of candyfloss flavours!

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5) Metallics

Blues and greens are the vogue, and L’Oreal ambassador Louisa Johnson really suits the look. Also keep an eye out for rose gold, gold, silver, and we love the idea of mixing your metallics together with an ombre.

6) Beautiful Brunettes

Being brunette is far from boring, rich caramel tones perfectly match darker complexions, and it certainly doesn’t make you a ‘plain Jane’ as perfectly illustrated by model Ashley Graham.

Great if you want a fresh start to cover over past colour indiscretions, if you’re looking for change, we think you should add some dusky mystique to your look this year.

Find your perfect brunette tone by booking for a free consultation with your local Rush Hair specialist.

7) Go Bright Or Dye Trying

Want to make the ultimate statement? Then go bright all the way! Redken Muse, Model, DJ and Artist, Chloe Norgaard has never strayed from this philosophy, and has made that clear even when modelling for big names like Vogue, Hapers Bazaar and i-D magazine;

I love to play with colour. I change my hair colour whenever I want, depending on my mood, the seasons, my outfit, whatever. I’m a rainbow child!

8) Blondes Have More Fun

Everybody knows blondes have more fun, right? Well maybe. If you’re ready to take on life in the fast lane lightening up could be for you!

A word of caution, if you are hoping to go from dark to light in one session, make sure you speak to our team of experts for advice first!

You can find your local Rush hair colour specialist at your nearest salon.

9) Sombre

Not ready for a drastic change? Then let us introduce the ‘Sombre’.

With a subtle muti-tonal dimension, a sombre (soft ombre) gives a super natural look. It’s versatile and applicable to nearly every cut, this effortless hair colour is very popular at the moment.

Model Winnie Harlow certainly holds her own with her Sombre!

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Think we missed something? Just think we’re wrong? Or love what we’ve done?
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