Accessorise like Clarissa: 90’s hair trends returning

They say fashion is cyclical and it certainly feels like we’re in the midst of a massive 90s revival. Perhaps it takes 20 years for old trends to shrug off the cringe factor and feel fresh again. After all, we’ve been through the 70s and 80s revivals, so clearly it’s time to slip a Britney CD into your Discman and party like it’s 1999.

90s hair is everywhere right now, from Drew Barrymore-Esque baby bangs to Alicia Silverstone inspired wispy updos. We’ve picked out a few of our favourite 90s inspired looks. Don’t forget your crimping iron!

90s updo

Want to know what the archetypal 90s updo looks like? Look no further than Bella Hadid’s go-to do. Influential celebrity stylist Jen Atkin – who’s styled Hadid – describes the look as ‘a sleek updo with baby tendrils’. A polished sheen is a key to this half-up half-down style, so make sure you finish with pomade or oil.

Crimped hair

When multiple Kardashians are getting in on a trend you know it’s about to blow up. So it’s safe to say crimped hair is gonna be big in 2020. Interestingly, the last time crimped hair had a comeback it was widely regarded as an 80s look, but the trend’s latest iteration definitely has more of a 90s vibe, especially Kim Kardashian’s cascading crimped locks.

Curly bangs

It’s amazing to think that the 90s was Jennifer Lopez’ break out decade. And here she is two decades later rocking a fabulously 90s do and transporting us all back to ’99. Her curly, face-framing bangs present another way to wear those ubiquitous 90s updo ‘tendrils’ in a loose, wet-look take on the style.

90s hair accessories

Claw clips, banana clips, snap clips, embellished clips, bobby pins, barrettes – all big in the 90s and all enjoying a massive revival right now. Bella Hadid has again shown us all how to give a quintessentially 90s look a cool, contemporary twist with her chic deployment of the humble claw clip. It’s an unlikely revival but it’s pretty prevalent in fashion circles all of a sudden and, worn well, look surprisingly sophisticated.

Chunky highlights

Forget subtly blended balayage highlights, we’re talking chunky two-tone colour blocking. This is a bold look that frames the face with contrasting blonde streaks, and it’s very late-90s.

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