Astro-beauty, hair and beauty in Space!

It’s the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon landings, which is HAIRmazing! Even though we can’t deny that the Apollo 11 mission was monumental on every scale, being the hair and beauty mavens we are, we couldn’t help but wonder about all things beauty related and how that all works in weightlessness. You’d think there wouldn’t be too much on the subject, right? Wrong! Turns out they are up to personal grooming all the time and have had to develop some pretty special ways of staying beautiful in space.

We’ve found four favourite videos from the International Space Station all about staying fleek whilst in orbit.

Doing Your Nails and Hair in Space – Samantha Cristoforetti – @astrosamantha

There’s few things cooler than having a Barbie modelled after you, but that’s exactly what happened for Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, hopefully it will inspire more women to be interested in space exploration, after all why can’t girls fly spaceships, solve difficult science problems and generally be spacey? Samantha takes us through how she makes sure her look is as good as it can be, well for weightlessness anyway.

How To Shave Your Head In Space – Chris Cassidy – @astro_seal

One for the boys! Ex Navy Seal Chris Cassidy likes to keep his hair short, so short in fact he needs to shave his head, that might seem simple enough to most of us, but add in all the factors of floating 408km above the Earth in a $150bn house full of highly sensitive equipment, then things become a little bit more complex.

A Haircut In Space – Chris Hadfield – @Cmdr_Hadfield

Chris Hadfield kept us pretty entertained when he was aboard the International Space Station, most memorable for most was his very excellent rendition of the late great David Bowies Space Oddity. But that’s not what we paid attention to here at Rush Towers, oh no! We were SUPER excited to see his demonstration of how to cut hair in space, we’re starting to think we should send the brave Women and Men on the ISS some Dry Shampoo paste…

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