Backstage with Francesca Marotta – London Fashion Week AW12


Backstage at Francesca Marotta, London Fashion Week AW12

Headed up by Tina Farey, The RUSH Session Team showcased their creative skills at the Francesca Marotta AW12 show, on day one of London Fashion Week. Titled ‘The Love of My Life’, the collection was inspired by dramatic, oppressive Sicilian funerals the designer recalls witnessing as a young girl.

Working alongside Session Stylist Nina Butkovich-Budden, the team created three very different hair looks to complete the pieces, each encompassing the contrasting themes associated with the funeral ritual.

Drawing inspiration from Jesus, Tina created a texturised halo of hair designed to represent the crown of thorns. The rest of the hair hung straight and ultra-glossy down the back, creating a striking, sleek visual.

The second look, a beautiful loose, knotted bun is a nod to the oppression of women in Sicily during that era. The artistic team styled the hair in to loose curls before knotting at the nape of the neck, to create the ultimate feminine style.

For the finale, a mass of soft curls, dressed with a red Perspex crown for a dramatic, yet hopeful climax to the show.


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