Don’t know what type of blowdry you want this New Year’s Eve?

A blowdry can make you look a million dollars. The offer started on Monday 26th December and lasts for two weeks, ending 8th of January 2017. Stay fabulous this festive season and any occasion by taking advantage of our fantastic blow dry & luxury treatment offer from £20! Not sure what type of blowdry you want this New Years Eve? Don’t panic, we have gathered some of the best blowdry style looks for you.

  1. Straight– One of the most sort after blowdry styles. This look is finished by blasting the hair with cold air as this helps the hair stay flat. An anti-frizz serum is then applied to keep the hair shiny. The stylist will also use straighteners to ensure the hair stays straight all night long!
  2. Bouncy with curls- This look is so easy to create and looks great for parties. Bouncy hair is the best kind of hair, it makes your hair look volumised and with the added curls, looks glamorous too. The hair is sectioned and then put into rollers with each section being individually blowdried. The look is finished with hairspray to hold the curls.
  3. Chelsea blowdry- This blowdry is always seen on celebrities. The look involves rolling hair into lots of rollers and leaving them for 10 minutes. After removing them, twirl the hair with fingers and merge the hair together.
  4. Smooth waves- Once the hair has been blowdried, it is then curled with a curling iron to create soft waves. The look is finished with hairspray.

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