Get the Hollyoaks National Television Awards look at Rush

Achel Shenton – plays Mitzee in Hollyoaks

Step 1: On dry hair take sections from the nape and split into even medium sized sections. Tong each section keeping ends tucked in as you curl up towards the root. Pin sections with Kirby grips.

Step 2: Spray a small amount of Kérastase Double Force Hairspray and allow to cool.

Step 3: Once cooled remove clips and using fingers gently shake out the curls to loosen them.

Step 4: Back-comb the base of the hair to add texture and volume spray.

Step 5: Take a large section from the crown and twist around to make a base, clip and spray in place.

Step 6: Brush over the free section on top of the base and clip, use Kérastase Double Force Hairspray to hold in place.

Step 7: Bring hair to one side of the head and clip.

Step 8: Roll the loose curls into circles and clip into the base to hide any clips or bits of the base on show.

Step 9: Style fringe to the side to give a relaxed look.

Step 10: Use a small amount of KMS California Silksheen Therapy Plus and take small sections of the side on the side and re-twist.

Step 11: And finally spray liberally with Aveda Brilliant Spray on Shine.


Bronagh Waugh – plays Cheryl Brady in Hollyoaks

Bronagh went for a Taylor Swift inspired look, with loose curls around the face and an effortless messy up-do to give a simple, stylish and elegant hair style.

Here is a step by step guide to re-creating her red carpet look

Step 1: Start by applying a heat protection spray into towel dried hair to protect hair from heat exposure whilst leaving hair shiny and silky soft.

Step 2: Once dry, reach for those curling tongs and divide hair into even sections. Start at the bottom rolling up to the root, once at the desired place hold for 5 to 10 seconds and release to get gorgeous glossy curls. Spray a light hair spray to set it in to place and leave to set for 5 minutes (for added length like Bronagh’s tong hair extensions and clip in the back).

Step 3: Run your fingers through the hair with some Kérastase Oléo Curl cream which will help prevent frizz and keep curls glossy.

Step 4: To create this messy side bun twist the curled hair and secure with grips.

Step 5: Leave a few loose curls round the front for a soft feel and glam up the locks with diamond grips placed in the back of the hair.

Step 6: Use a smoothing serum on the curls around the face to make sure they stay frizz free and defined.

Step 7: To finish this red carpet look, spray a good amount of medium hold hair spray for all night glamour.


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