Colour Artists: Creating your Colour Masterpiece!

If you’re observant, you may have noticed a splash of colour creeping onto our salon windows and across our social media platforms… Rush is dedicated to colour and delivering expert colour results. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce the launch of Rush Colour Artists!

Rush Colour Artist’s matters to you because it’s all about providing the highest standard of care for your hair, whilst ensuring you understand your colour and services. At your consultation, your Colour Artist will establish your colour journey with you, meanwhile explaining colour terminology and the reasons for your required services and treatments. For example, the difference between a balayage and ombré, or what a toner is and how it will help obtain your desired colour.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure you are comfortable at all times and in full understanding during the steps towards your colour masterpiece!

5 Key Colour Looks

Knowing what to book for your appointment can be tricky if you’re not familiar with colour terminology or the colouring processes. As a guide to booking your next colour, we’ve explained in a nutshell six of our most popular colouring services and treatments – whilst providing some inspirational looks!

Balayage: a French word meaning ‘sweep’

A balayage is one of the most sought-after trends. It’s natural-looking, low maintenance and a great way to add lighter, sun-kissed shades to hair. Using a free-hand technique, colour is swept through the hair, creating a look uniquely your own! What’s more, a balayage isn’t just for blondes, it suits brunettes and redheads too. Please keep in mind, an additional toning service may be required to achieve a bespoke colour finish.

Ombré: a French word meaning shade or shadow

An ombré is a gradual fade that is typically darker at the root and gets gradually lighter through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. . It’s completely versatile and can fashioned for blondes, brunettes and redheads. Little maintenance is required as your root can be left natural or glossed to enhance your tone. A toner may be required to achieve your perfect shade.


Highlights are a great way to brighten your base to give a lighter and multi-tonal look. Pieces of colour are placed throughout your hair from root to tip. This can be through all of your hair for an overall lighter appearance, or in specific sections to frame your face. Your Colour Artist can help you choose from a full head, T-section, half head or something unique to you! Highlights more maintenance than a balayage or ombré, we recommend visiting the salon every 8 weeks. However, in between salon visits you can keep your colour radiant by using a violet shampoo.

Full Head Colour

Full head colour is applied in one even shade from root to tip and be used both for lightening or darkening the hair. Whether you’re looking to enhance your colour or cover your greys, your Colour Artist can help decide the best colour suited to you and the result you desire. What’s more, a full head colour and is great for all hair lengths and textures and can be a lower cost option.

Pre-lighten & Tone

Pre-lighten is a double colour application where your Colour Artist will firstly apply a bleach to your hair to gain an all over light blonde, followed by a toning service to reach your desired shade.

Colour Treatments

Your hair’s health remains our Colour Artist’s top priority, which is why we recommend a range of additional treatments for your colour appointment.


Smartbond is specially designed to protect, strengthen and soften your hair, whilst making colour last longer. It’s suitable for all colouring services and is applied during the rinsing stage of your colour. Your Colour Artist will discuss your recommended treatment options during your consultation and ensure you are clear of all extra costs prior to your appointment.

Fusio Dose

A Fusio Dose provides your hair with the boost it needs by increasing shine and volume, at the same time minimising breakage during your colour process. Your Colour Artist will recommend and mix a bespoke cocktail suited to your hair’s needs.

Behind the Scenes

Colour transformations, such as our Colour Artist looks, take time and expertise – but offer the ultimate award! Here’s a taster of some of the processes that took place and what to expect when achieving a new, beautiful colour.


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