Q&A with Rush’s Colour Director Chris Williams

Hair Colour 101 with our very own International Colour Director Chris Williams

colour 101

So Chris, what are three hair colour trends for 2018?

Violet – Pastels have been big over the last couple of years and with the Pantone colour of the year being ultra violet I’m sure we’re going to see this this year
Dirty Blonde – hair trends are definitely getting cooler and this iridescent blonde trend is bound to be big
Coppers are back, this time ranging from strawberries to rose gold, this is a super shiny look.

What is hair maintenance like for these colour trends?

Violet – Depending on how dedicated you are to maintaining it, Ultra Violet only lasts a couple of week’s maximum, reliant on the shade of violet you choose to go of course. As the lighter you go the less washes it lasts for and the stronger your violet is the longer it lasts.

Dirty Blonde – Since this hair colour is cool in nature, it’s important to remember that you have to tone blonde hair regularly or it can begin to turn into an unappealing brassy shade. So, when it comes to the over toned kind of look, anything that has ash tones are delicate and will fade and become warmer over time. Bear in mind that if you do choose to go Dirty Blonde your expectations have to be realistic as personal care matters. Toning your hair is easy though, and it won’t add much more time to your regular morning routine, whilst the results will speak for themselves. Since we can’t stop things from fading, we delay them by using products like the L’Oreal Serie Expert SILVER Shampoo to stop gold tones from coming through.

Copper – This will always fade because it’s in the red family, but it does also depend on your hair type and condition when choosing to go Copper. Hair that isn’t overly processed will fade slower than hair that is. When maintaining copper it’s better to use a shampoo that has more moisture rather than protein. And keep in mind that this colour will require significant touch-ups so be prepared to visit your nearest Rush salon more often than usual.

How do you choose the right hair colour for skin-tone? What suits each complexion?

People generally fall in categories of either cool or warm skin-tones, so when choosing hair colour you would use cool tones on cool skin & warm tones on warm skin. You can find out if you’re a warm tone or cool tone, by the colour of the flecks in your eyes; if you have white or grey flecks then you’re cool and if you have gold or brown flecks then you’re warm. To be honest, rules are there to be broken and they don’t always necessarily run through. Some people are mixed so not everyone falls within one rule.

colour 101

What are some ways to maintain hair colour at home?

Sulphate free and paraben free products are great as they don’t strip the hair.

Use Shampoo for Color Treated Hair – such as Pureology (available at certain Rush Hair Salons) the ingredients are 100% vegan and its paraben, alcohol, salt and mineral oil-free.

Regular treatments with your hairstylist.

Can you recommend to help keep coloured hair fresh?

Kerastase reflection shampoo – It helps to protect colour in colour-treated hair and provides long-lasting radiance and intense shine.

Can hair colour cause irritation & what’s the best way to avoid it?

Yes it can and there are a lot of factors that could cause irritation such as room temperature, menstrual cycle (woman’s hormone balances change, get irregular and a body’s temperature and its reaction to certain chemicals change) and scalp sensitivity. If you have a sensitive scalp and are prone to irritation, it’s best to consult with your stylist beforehand on the best products to be using on your hair.

Tip – When your hair is dirty the scalps covered in natural oils, so when applying colour to your scalp, don’t wash it prior and it will help to prevent irritation a little bit.

Why does red fade faster than other colours?

Most vibrant reds are made with a mix of permanent and semi-permanent pigments that will only last a couple of weeks. Although initially they give a real intensity and shine, the semi-permanent pigments will start to fade you’ll be left with a duller red made up of the permanent pigments that last. If reds are sitting on something that’s lighter or has been pre-lighted it will fade faster because when you mix a red tone and a yellow tone you get an orange tone. Whereas dark bases have a lot more red in the hair and that supports the red more and stabilizes it for obvious reasons.

colour 101

Is it possible to go from dark hair to light hair without damaging it in the long run?

To a degree, hair colour caused a certain amount of damage but if it’s maintained and looked after regularly then the damage is minimal. It’s possible to go from dark to light hair but you have to top up the colour regularly. You should be visiting your Hair Stylist every 4-6 weeks depended on the programme you have set.

How many sessions should it take to go from black hair to blonde hair?

This depends on the hair type and condition of the hair prior as well as colour history. It’s best to visit your local salon and consult with the stylist and bear with the colour program they set. All hair is different and just because a friend did it doesn’t mean you can.

colour 101

How does colouring affect curly hair when compared to straight hair? What has to be considered?

The technique used to a degree has to be considered, as curly hair compresses everything. The result desired with how it differences will vary. Curls look better with either and colour or with soft tonal colours. Highlights work nicely whereas panels don’t work with curly hair. Also curly hair has less shine than straight hair and tends to be dryer so when colouring you’d want to ensure you add shine to the hair.

Is it possible to return to one’s natural hair colour after colouring?

It very much depends on what’s been done to the hair as colour can wash out after a few weeks (semi-permanent colour).  However if the colour contains any oxidants it will change the hairs natural colour and once you change the natural colour it’s no longer natural underneath. But you can always colour it to the best natural colour that you can find for yourself.

What exclusive tips do you have for our readers considering colouring the hair?

At Rush Hair we offer all our clients free colour consultations in all our hair salons. So if you’re deciding on a colour change and looking for expert advice, then let Rush’s Colour Expert team guide you along the way.

If you want a small colour update or a totally refreshed look, our team can talk you through the colour change steps you need to undertake in order to achieve a style and hair colour that’s rights for you.




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