Palace Fashion: What was the style in Crystal Palace in 1851?

The Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1851 was the social opportunity of the century for fashionable Londoners in Victorian times. Aside from impressive technology on display, there was also the obligatory hair statements from the Victorian upper and middle classes.

In modern times Crystal Palace is still a centre of fashion and social discourse in London, and with the opening of our Crystal Palace salon, were thought this was a great chance to look back at some of the hairstyles in vogue during the height of Victoriana.

1. The Gibson Girl
This look was a late comer to the 1800’s becoming increasingly popular in the 90’s. Taking inspiration from the illustrations of Charles Dana Gibson, imported to England from America, it was thought this look represented the archetypal modern woman.

2. Far Back Chignons
As dresses got bigger in the 1860’s, so did the hair, with Chignons moving further back the head to mimic the shape of their dresses.

3. Barley Curls
Previously mostly worn by children in the 1840’s, tight Barley Curls started becoming popular for adults too! These rich luxurious curls seem to have influenced today’s 2017 trend Balayage. Who would of thought?!

4. Braids
Still popular today, braiding was a lá mode in the 1800’s, and very practical too!

5. Long Haired Updo’s
This was the staple of a Victorian ladies style and remained popular throughout the 1800’s. Still today, a glamorous Updo combined with a statement head piece is very much a go to style.

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