Donald Trump Wig Or Not?

He’s the leader of the free world, but we only want to know one thing, is Donald Trump’s hair a wig?

The Donalds had some wind-driven HAIRtasrophies since becoming the President of the USA, this example from his recent Hair (get it?) Force One incident serves to illustrate the fact.

In reality, the issue is such a hot topic that there are even whole accounts dedicated to The Donalds hair!

So, we decided it was time to get some professionals opinions on the subject. Here are some of the hairdressing industries finest and rising stars with their theories about The Presidents coiffure.

I’m going to say we have made a fair Amount of Wigs over my journey with RUSH, and I believe he has a front hair piece which comes of and on, which gives him that natural look, this allows him to confuse the public. I’m half and half.

Michael Rackett – Rush Workshop Team Member

It’s either a comb over or a hair piece. It always seems to only be attached from one side. Which is why I said comb over initially but it may be a hairpiece that sometimes comes unstuck on one side. Either way, it looks like it flaps up sometimes. Colour’s great too!!

Chris Williams – L’Oréal Colour Trophy Judge, Rush International Colour Director

Donald Trump’s head looks like a ginger Weetabix flying in the wind, I hope it is real it, otherwise there’s no hope for the world.

Andy Heasman – BHA Winner, Rush International Creative Director

I have seen a video of his hair flapping around which wouldn’t happen if it was his own hair 😅. I’m saying toupee

Shelly Sumner – Rush Art Team Member

The way Donald’s hair sways moving so delicately, like an English rose in the January wind, really catches my eye and makes me think it’s not a wig, but his real hair!

Ryan Chalie Humpage – Rush Workshop Team Member

I think it’s neither a wig or a combover but a trumpapillar! But I seriously, think it’s a combover. I think he styles and combs his hair in various directions to give the illusion of having more hair on top. I’ve even seen pics with Hair grips to keep the coiffured look in place.

MJ Farmer – Rush Art Team Member

Looks like the prevailing thought seems to be Wig! What do you think? Why not take our Twitter poll to see if everyone agrees with you?