Easilocks Hair Extensions – Aftercare tips and tricks

To ensure your Easilocks hair extensions stay fabulous and stand the test of time, we have pulled together some key Do’s and Don’ts with the help of the Easilocks team.
After your in-salon Easilocks service, carefully follow these steps to keep your new hair healthy. Speak to our expert team if you require any further details.


Natural hair extensions with Easilocks able to be tied up and styled

  • Brush your hair extensions before shampooing, to keep knots at bay! Make sure you secure your hair with one hand when de-tangling to avoid pressure or tension on the root of the extension.
  • A weekly hair treatment is recommend to keep your extensions looking in great shape and condition.
    Using the right products is essential, we recommend the following from the Easilocks range:


    • Work Easilocks Silicone-Free Shampoo vertically in the hair to prevent tangles (not horizontally or in a circular motion).
    • Apply Easilocks Silicone-Free Conditioner for nourished and healthy hair on the ends of the hair, or Easilocks Leave-In Conditioner, avoiding root contact (apply from the ponytail part of the hair down). Leave in for 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly, combing through your hair extensions.

    TOP TIP: Conditioning your hair on the day of your Easilocks application will provide a stronger connection to your natural hair.

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    • Don’t use hot electrical tools on your hair without using Easilocks Rose Gold Oil first. Comb this product through to ensure the whole hair is covered and protected before styling.
    • When hair does get wet with Easilocks tape extensions, it is important to dry the roots carefully to ensure the tape is in-tact and as effective as it can be. Do not apply pressure on hair styling with heated hair appliances until the hair and roots are bone dry.

    TOP TIP: Keep your extension connection area clean by brushing your scalp at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

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    Model wearing easilocks hair extensions in low ponytail
    Style your hair into a loose side ponytail


  • Leave your hair wet for a long time, or go to bed with wet hair. This will lead to the hair becoming damaged and matted.
  • Shampoo hair upside down over the bath or sink, this can be harder to detangle and damage the Easilocks roots.
  • Remove or adjust any hair extensions yourself, speak to your stylist if you are experiencing any issues.
  • Don’t allow tinted make-up products like bronzer, fake tan or face or body creams to make contact with the hair, as this may affect the colour.


  • Hair will naturally shed over time and this may affect your hair extensions strands. Any strands that do shed can be reapplied, speak to your in-salon expert for further details.
  • Consultations must be booked in all Rush Hair salons before a hair extensions service can take place, each requirement may be different, depending on hair length and your desired finished look.
  • Cover hair to avoid sun damage if you are in direct sunlight for a long time.


    Swim in an infinity pool, exercise in your beautiful trainers or take a hot sauna and detox. Keep wearing your hair in various styles and most importantly look fabulous all the time!

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