Goodbye Frizz, Hello Glossy Hair – Keratin Treatment

Do you have frizzy uncontrollable hair that is hard to style? You can now say farewell to frizz and embrace sleek, silky hair with our professional Keratin treatment.

What is a Keratin Treatment and how does it work?

Keratin treatment is a chemical process that smooths and shines frizzy hair. Think of Keratin as a super strong deep conditioner that penetrates deep into your hair to fill in the porous parts that have been damaged whilst giving it a straight, sleek finish. There are many different versions of the treatment depending on your hair type, and your hairstylist will customise a blend to suit your personal needs.

It’s a very simple process and like any other visit to a Rush salon you will be made to feel relaxed and pampered during your time there. The stylist will start by washing your hair and then begin to apply the formula allowing each strand to saturate for approximately half an hour. The look is then finalised by the stylist running a flat iron over the hair to seal the treatment in, and that’s it you’re good to go!

How long does it take?

The length of time it takes to do a Keratin treatment depends on the formula the stylist is using, as well as the texture, length and thickness of your hair. Expect your salon visit to last anywhere from two to four hours.

You’re not allowed to wash your hair or tie it back for at least 48 hours after the treatment, this allows for better and longer lasting results. To maintain that sleek and smooth feeling for longer we also recommend Nanokeratin post-treatment care.

Benefits of the Keratin Treatment:

  • With a Keratin treatment your results can last up to 4 months, saving you precious time in the morning straightening your hair.
  • Once the treatment has been done you will rely less on heat, meaning you are cutting down on heat damage to your hair.
  • Applying Keratin can strengthen your hair: not only it gives you a perfect healthy shine, it ensures your hair roots are bonded with protein resulting in less fall out.

Can anyone get it done?

Yes! Although Keratin treatments are mostly recommended for those with frizzy hair, the treatment is suitable for all hair types and is especially effective for rejuvenating chemically treated hair. This means your previously coloured hair will not be a problem.

Get booked in today!

A Keratin treatment doesn’t have to break the bank, at Rush our Smooth Wednesdays offer means you can treat yourself for less! We also offer a FREE consultation so that we can ensure we offer you the right journey to reaching your dream hair.

To make a booking online use code ‘SWED’ or call us on 020 3963 8940 and get yourself booked up now.

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