Five 80’s Hairstyles from Pinterest that are so, so bad.

When it comes to insane hair & dramatic makeup, the 80s win without a doubt. It was a completely different time, where many things were cool during those days…. but definitely not hairstyles. For your amusement and to give you flashbacks, here are 5 Hairstyles from the 80’s that are so, so bad.

Two hairstyles for the price of one – ‘The Mullet’

It’s literally business in the front and a party in the back…

Pot Noodle Effect  – ‘Crimped Hair’

When you try to style frizzy hair & it looks like #Noodles before you boil it.

High on Hairspray – ‘The Punk Mohawk’

We reckon in the 80s a lot of hair overdosed on hairspray…

Can’t Sleep on My Side – ‘High & Tight Side Bun’

We can feel a headache all the way from here…

Size doesn’t matter – ‘The Perm.. Backcombed’

Volumous hair can look great, but not when it’s been teased like there’s no tomorrow!

Hopefully some of these hairstyles never see the light of day again, visit your local Rush salon and stay on trend today!

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