Your guide to WFH Hair!

Our work wardrobe has completely gone out the window, you’ll only spot us in loungewear with no makeup and that’s totally acceptable, right? The one thing we haven’t nailed just yet is our working from home hair. We all know a good hair day can make you feel a million dollars and currently, we’re guilty of just chucking our hair up in a messy bun. So, to make ourselves feel better and to channel our inner stylists, we’ve pulled together a quick and easy working from home hair schedule. This will be especially handy for those who have plenty of video calls a day and want to look just a little more presentable.

Working from home desk

Monday = Hair Down

Kick start your week on a high and make yourself the belle of working from home. Whether you normally straighten, curl, crimp or anything else when you wear your hair down, Monday is your hair down day.

Take a little more time to get yourself ready, perfect your hair and feel good, ready to tackle the week with a great positive mind-set.

Tuesday = Top Knot

Our go to hair style when working from home, the trusty top knot. Now we don’t mean I’ve just rolled out of bed top knot, instead a styled to perfection top knot and here’s our easy way to achieve this… start with brushing through your hair to ensure you have no tangles.  Once happy, flick your head upside down so your hair is dangling. Now start to pull your hair together as if you were making a pony tail, at the top of your crown. Flip your head back upright and twist your pony tail before wrapping it around itself to make a doughnut shape. Secure in place with a cute hair scrunchie or a few hair grips.

Working from home Topknot

Wednesday = Ponytail

Turn hump day on its head and step up your ponytail game with a gorgeous wrap around ponytail.

Start by placing your hair in a ponytail, this can sit wherever you personally like to wear your pony be it high, low or centred. Once you have perfected your pony and are happy with the placement, take a small section of hair (this only needs to be roughly the width of your thumb nail) and wrap continually around the elastic band at the base of your pony. Once you have wrapped your hair around the pony, secure using a hair grip at the base of the ponytail.

Before we kiss goodbye to mid-week, Wednesday is the night we really treat ourselves and have a hair wash, yes, a luxurious hair wash and most importantly, a moment to ourselves.Once you have washed your hair, don’t worry about blow-drying or styling, simply comb your hair through and pop into a basic plait ready for bed.

Thursday = Undone Waves

On to the home straight and we can nearly see the weekend, so to celebrate, treat yourself to a slightly fancier style, undone waves. Even though this look may seem a little more time consuming, you did all the hard work last night – bonus!

Simply undo your plaits, and run your fingers through to unwind your hair…it’s as simple as that. If you are someone who tends to lose curls quickly, lightly spritz your waves with a sea salt spray and gently scrunch your hair. This will help define your waves and make them alittle more durable.

Friday = Side Sweep

Our favourite day of the week is upon us. Whilst we won’t be dusting off our out out shoes for a while, we can definitely finish off the week on a high and this high comes in the style of a beautiful side sweep look.

Particularly popular amongst celebs who are glamming up for a red carpet event, this easy to achieve style looks simply fabulous and may even become your go to for date night! For best results and to give the illusion of fullness, start with curling your hair into loose waves using either a straightener or curling wand. Once you have curled your full head of hair, pull your fingers through the curls, this will help release the tightness and allow them to drop a little. Now choose which side you want to style your hair, then pull all of your hair to sit on the shoulder of your chosen side. Take a small section of the hair underneath and create a baby pony tail securing with a hair elastic at the nape of your neck, behind your ear. Once secure, place the remainder your hair over the top and secure with some hairspray.

And there you have it, our working from home 101 for hair styling.