Holiday Hair Care Tips to Try This Summer

Summer is in full swing; as such, you’re probably thinking about taking a holiday sometime soon. You may be considering somewhere hot and sunny; for others, it’s all about the experiences they get to enjoy in a new place. But one thing’s for sure: when it comes to holidays, hair care very often takes a back seat. And we all regret it afterwards.

If you’re jetting off abroad to sunnier climes soon, keep in mind our holiday hair care tips to help ensure you don’t end up with unwanted frizz or worse, a damaged ‘do. No matter where you’re going, we’ve got plenty of advice to guarantee you have great hair all summer long.

Put in the Prep Work

Before you even step off the plane, you already should have started taking care of your hair. There are two essential things you need to do in the build-up to your big trip: have a trim, and condition. Cutting your hair in advance of flying will ensure that any dry or split ends are removed before you expose them to the sun. Likewise, conditioning regularly a couple of weeks ahead of time helps treat the hair so that it’s pristine for your adventure abroad.

Take the Right Products with You

Speaking of conditioning regularly, you’ll want to keep up the good work whilst you’re away; after all, it’s important to maintain your hair’s natural moisture levels. Also, be sure to bring your own hairdryer and leave any straightening tools at home; you’ll only put more strain on hair that’s already in some tricky environments. And remember, using natural items that contain coconut oils will seal your hair and act as a layer of protection from sun, sweat and chlorine. Knowing which products to use – and to avoid – is a crucial part of putting together the perfect holiday hair care regimen.

Splash Before You Swim

Trust us – chlorine and salty seawater are the last things you want your hair to be soaking up. The good news is, splashing it with clean water before you go swimming will be a big help. Because your locks work like a sponge, they actually reach a natural saturation point; there comes a time when they literally can’t get any wetter. This means they’ll be less able to absorb anything else – chlorine included. So, do yourself and your hair a favour and give it a quick rinse ahead of your next dip.

Hold Off on Heat

Using heat in the heat is a big no-no. Where caring for sun-parched strands is concerned, it’s best to just leave them be. Instead, embrace your hair’s natural movement to achieve a softer, more luscious look that’s perfect for having fun in the sun. Of course – if you need to speed things up a bit and are wondering how to blow dry your hair in warmer climes – a low-temperature setting on your hairdryer should do the trick. Make sure you don’t go overboard though – you want to treat your ‘do delicately, even more so whilst on holiday!

Step Up Your Shampoo Game

Everyone wants to look great on those long summer nights, which means washing all the day’s sand and seawater out of your hair. But remember, however tempting it is to jump in the shower each evening, doing so will strip your hair of its natural oils and leave it feeling dry, brittle and damaged. As an alternative, simply rinse the chlorine or saltwater out of your hair whilst aiming to shampoo no more than three times a week. Use a rehydrating product when needed to help move things along a little faster.

Treat Your Body Right

More often than not, holidays mean overindulging and lots of throwing caution to the wind, but keeping things in moderation (if possible) will make a huge difference to your hair’s vitality. Make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water every day while you’re away as your internal water levels play a huge part in determining the health of your scalp. Foods that are good for your skin and hair, such as green tea and dark chocolate, are good too. It’s also important to increase your fruit intake. Hair-friendly fruits include pears, avocados and papayas – ideal for getting you into the summer holiday spirit!

However your holiday looks this summer, you’ll need to find a hair-care experience that works for you. Your daily regimen should suit everything you have planned, from cocktails by the pool to nights out on the town, and you’ll always reap the benefits with our helpful tips. Check out hair cutting services from Rush for the perfect pre-vacay treat and to get your locks looking extra luscious when the big trip comes around. Happy holidaying!

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