January Blues – Hottest Hair Colour of 2019

Set to be one of the hottest trends of 2019, we’re all for blue hair!

Kylie Jenner kick-started the New Year by debuting a head-turning new look – ice blue hair. Kylie has become renowned amongst the Kardashian/Jenner clan, for her bold and often daring styles, and Blue was her latest hair triumph! Opting for a cool, icy tone, Kylie channelled her blue locks across social media, placing her foot firmly on the trend of the moment!


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Amongst the glitz and the glam of the Golden Globes 2019, we saw another star stand out from the crowd, as Lady Gaga sported a new blue look. Gaga transformed her signature platinum blonde hair to an icy hue of blue, paired with a beautiful dress of the same colour on the red carpet.


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We’ve also seen the likes of Hailey Bieber experiment with a new shade of blue on her Instagram!


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It’s clear that blue hair is the start of something exciting, as it oozes self-confidence! We’re stepping away from familiar pastel shades of baby pinks, rose golds and silvers. Instead, we’re opting for something that is more daring, fierce and creates a statement! 

Transforming your hair to Blue:

We spoke to our International Colour Director, Chris Williams, to find out the ways of achieving and maintaining blue locks! Chris explains that there are multiple ways to attain blue into your look. You could favour a darker ‘denim’ shade, or opt for something a little lighter with an icy, sky blue hue. Chris advises that blue works well on cooler/paler skin tones; therefore, if you’re tanned or not used to a lighter shade, consider it carefully. Blue is essentially toned platinum blonde, therefore imagine yourself blonde before taking the dive! If you’re naturally a blonde, then hair can be coloured with ease to an intense blue, then left to fade to the perfect tone over time.

Upkeep and Care:

Caring for blue hair is very important – Blue won’t last without upkeep! Chris recommends regular salon trips where colour refreshers can be applied. Another top tip is to use toner at home in your conditioner. This will help to maintain your blue tones in between your salon visits. As we all know, bleaching can be tough on your hair, we advise using quality shampoos and conditioners. You can speak to our Rush Stylists for some advice and help with your hair care routine.

Balayage and Ombré:

If you’re looking for a slightly more subtle approach, think about having a balayage or ombré in your hair. Lightening the mid-lengths to ends with a shade of blue can be a good first step towards deciding if blue is for you!


If we’ve inspired you to experiment with something new – and blue – we currently have 50% OFF Colour! Find your nearest Rush Salon and book for a free consultation with one of our expert stylists to discuss your new colour!

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