Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

Forget the taboos: it’s a proven fact that, along with all the other sexy benefits, sex, getting up close and personal with your honey can help to keep your hair in tip-top condition. And being in hairdressing, we’re all about anything that can keep your hair looking its best.

Getting down to it (pun intended), sex can help with the following benefits when it comes to your hair:

Prevent hair loss and stimulate growth

When having sex, levels of estrogen increase in both men and women (in case you thought it was just a female hormone!) This not only helps encourage hair growth, but keeps it healthy, too. It also prevents hair loss – especially useful for any men out there who might be worried about a receding hairline, now or in the future.

Endorphins released during sex can help strengthen your hair!
Endorphins released during sex can help strengthen your hair!

Releases feel-good chemicals

Each time we have sex, those feel-good chemicals are released. Not only does this benefit our mental health and well-being, it also helps to keep hair looking healthy and happy.

It has proven benefits for our immune system too, which also helps keep hair in great condition by keeping medical issues which may impact our hair at bay.

Easy absorption of minerals

Sex improves our body’s ability to absorb nutrients effectively, which means minerals and vitamins can travel to the necessary areas, including our hair.

Hair needs care and attention starting from the inside to appear healthy on the outside, so easy absorption of minerals is essential for a mane to be proud of (which is easily-manageable, too).

Mental attitude

Great for the body and the soul, when we feel good we tend to look better and feel more comfortable in our own skin.

This is also applicable to our hair – having sex makes us feel happier, vitalised and refreshed, which means we’re more likely to see the improvements in our locks.

It almost acts as a positive circle – when we feel good we look good, and when we look good we want to feel good. Cue wanting to explore different styles and look after your hair even more!

Been working on your hairs health a lot recently? Or maybe you need to find someone to train with? Check into your local Rush Salon so we can help you get your hair game on point…

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