Time to leave your job? Home? Country?

We’ve had enough. Let’s leave our partners, change jobs and emigrate.

Well ok we’d all LOVE to do that, but not having won the lottery and other things like, life, kids and responsibilities getting in the way of pursuing our wildest dreams, other solutions might be in order.

We all get the desire for change, something doesn’t sit right in our lives and we start looking around to see what it is and what we can change to take back control, but maybe trashing the lot and starting over feels a bit, extreme?

Here’s something we can change and have fun with without filing for divorce, our hair colour! Time to express our renewed attitudes with an outward display of self assertion. But what should we go for? No need to stress here are 5 celebrity hair color changes to rock in 2019!

Rose Gold – Elle Fanning – @ellefanning

We love Elle Fanning here at Rush Towers, and seeing her carry off this soft colour is a delight, Rose Gold doesn’t need to be just for your phone case or new Macbook Air!


Pillar Box Red – Cristine Reyes – @cristinereyes

Filipina superstar Christine Reyes definitely suits this vibrant Pillar Box Red, strong colours make a strong statement and might be just what you are looking for to help catalyze change in your life.


Diverse Browns – Jessica Biel – @jessicabiel

Jessica Biel balances warm tones with cool blondes bringing a little je ne sais quoi to her look. This subtle hair colour can help revitalise your colour without doing anything too drastic.


Bubblegum Blue – Lady Gaga – @ladygaga

Ok so the Gaga always slays, that’s true. But we love these overtones of blue, reminiscent of Bubblegum flavoured sweets when we were small this looks definitely suits Gaga’s style and sass, something we could all do with a little bit more of!


Bohemian Blonde – Emma Roberts – @emmaroberts

Emma Roberts perfectly suits this multi dimensional undone colour and it’s a great way to add a little surprise depth to your new colour!


Ready for your new look? No need to Reginald Perrin your life, just pop into your local Rush Hairdressing Salon and ask our Colour Artists to give you a free consultation and help you get a bespoke look just for you today. Check it out!


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