Easilocks Hair Extensions – Homecare Retail Products

To keep your Easilocks hair extensions in beautiful condition we now have the Easilocks retail collection now available in salons, this one stop guide will take you through the products on offer at Rush.

Easilocks long blonde natural hair extensions on model
Achieve long natural hair with Easilocks

Easilocks Shampoo

With no parabens, no silicones, no sulphates and no petroleum. Easilocks Shampoo cleanses and protects your natural hair and extensions, without depositing harmful chemicals. Infused with collagen to strengthen natural proteins and hair structure to prolong the life of your hair extensions.

Easilocks Conditioner

Easilocks Conditioner deeply hydrates your hair and restores damaged ends. Smoothing hair and preventing tangles, this light-wear product promotes natural movement in the hair and strengthens and extends the life of Easilocks extensions.

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Easilocks Leave In-Conditioner

This long lasting leave in conditioner acts as a daily defence against harmful toxins in the environment. With a UV sun filter and built in protection properties promoting hair elasticity for strong healthy hair. Offering rehydration and aiding in hair growth, this product is the perfect leave in conditioner to prolong your hair extension service, conditioning hair all day long.

Easilocks Rose Gold Oil

The Rose Gold Oil heat protector is a blend of natural oils and flower extracts, protecting hair from damage due to styling. Restoring and nourishing dry and damaged ends, this oil will create shiny, healthy hair without leaving any heavy residue.

Easilocks Dry Shampoo

Easilocks Dry Shampoo is perfect for keeping hair fresh between washes by removing any unwanted oils in your hair. It is safe to use on both natural hair and hair extensions and creates volume at the roots with a light scented fragrance. This product is great to achieve a quick “just left the salon” style in a fraction of the time!

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