The New All-Natural Hair Care Range – Botanea

With the announcement that select Rush salons will be stocking L’Oréal Professional’s new Herbal Hair Colour Range, Botanea, we sat with our International Colour Director Chris Williams to give us his view on this new, innovative, range of hair colour products and why you should be so excited about it.

What is it?
Botanea is a 100% Herbal Professional Hair Colour, composed of 3 natural ingredients;
• Cassia
• Henna
• Indigo

“Henna has been used as a hair treatment in India for thousands of years and the fact that it is all-natural means your hair isn’t being damaged by chemicals,” says Chris.
“The ingredients are carefully picked from specific harvests across India, purified then coated in coconut oil, to prevent it from drying out, but no other ingredients are added. It’s all natural.”

How does it work?
“All 3 ingredients are combined in a bespoke way to deliver the colour you want.” Chris tells us, “Henna is a copper colour, indigo a purple-blue and cassia a gold. Combining these in varying amounts will deliver the colour you are looking for. Indigo and henna will make a dark chocolate, henna and cassia will make a soft gold for examples”
It comes like tea leaves, the plant powders are mixed together with hot water to make a paste that is then applied to the hair. Unlike other hair dyes, Botanea dries on the hair and leaves something like a mud-mask for your hair.

Does the colour last?
Despite the all-natural ingredient list, Botanea leaves long-lasting colour. It does however behave in a manner of its own.
“It’s not like traditional colour,” Chris says; “It doesn’t strip your hair of colour and replace with a pigment. It works with your hair, creating a sheath over the hair and blending with your natural colour, meaning that every result is slightly different and leaves a more natural colour.”

“It doesn’t strip your hair of anything, so there’s no damage and it leaves hair feeling soft! If you are used to chemically dying your hair you may not notice that it is stiffer and more fragile but with Botanea this isn’t the case.”

“It blends white hairs rather than completely colouring them, leaving a natural look and preventing the harsh lines that can occur with re-growth of undyed hair. It enhances the individual’s tones and highlights, meaning each colour is different, individual to the person.”

Botanea is available in 14 select Rush salons;
• Baker Street
• Bromley
• Camden
• Chichester
• Kensington
• Manchester
• Moorgate
• Piccadilly
• Reigate
• Richmond
• Westbourne Grove
• Wimbledon Village
• Worthing
• York

Book into your local participating Rush salon today for this new Natural Hair Colour treatment