The New Pastels: Non-Natural Hair Colours to Try Now

From jet-black to blue; blue to blonde, it’s easy to change hair colour these days. And thanks to social media, it’s also easy to see your friends, favourite influencers, celebrities, and even regular folks getting dye jobs in similar, gorgeous shades. Some are easier than others to achieve (yes, we’re looking at you pastel!), but each can look incredible on just about everyone. So, when you’re in the mood to brighten (and soften) things up, here’s a list of the hottest non-natural colours to try right now.


Bring ocean vibes to your look by choosing a sea-inspired teal hair dye for your tresses. Teal is not the shade on every single stranger – and that’s the point. There’s something magical about it; something that can’t be described with words. But it can definitely describe your bright, unique personality, and that’s enough. Unless you’re a mermaid, you won’t have naturally teal hair. So, take time choosing the right product for you; don’t settle for the first one on the shelf.

Lime Green

Instead of picking a hair colour simply because it fits in with what everyone else is doing, who not make a truly bold statement with lime green hair? Brighter and more vibrant than the colour of an actual lime, it also looks much better. Electrifying ,even! The vivid hue is perfectly on-trend while still being unique enough to instantly turn heads. Keep in mind though that dyes like lime green do require hair to be bleached beforehand, and the darker your starting shade, the more work may be required to achieve your desired colour.


Get excited for orange hair, one of the most dramatic colours around! When thinking about orange hair, many things come to mind, although we’re sure some of you will immediately recall the X-Men cartoon theme from the ‘90s and the flaming hair of beautiful yet fierce Jean Grey (aka Phoenix). However, even though orange hair dye won’t turn you into a superhero, it’ll certainly give you the look no problem! Modern pastel takes on this colour tend to offer a soft peach or coral look perfect for someone wanting a bit more fire in their style.


Another unique non-natural shade you should try, lilac hair always looks phenomenal. As part of the pastel trend, it is (perhaps expectedly) a bit ‘moodier’ in hue, equally gorgeous and mysterious. The colour ranges from a deep grayish purple to a light foggy lavender. And because the tint can vary in tone, you should always speak with your colourist about exactly what you would like before making the change: the purple cast can either be executed noticeably, or you may choose to have it applied in a more understated manner. Now that’s what we call hair colour magic!

Pastel Pink

Subtle, stylish, and adding a perfect touch of sophistication to any hairdo– whether it’s one you’re wearing for a special occasion or on a night out with friends instead –pastel pink provides the most delicate of colour changes; and by dint of being a very gentle shade that’s not going to overpower your image, you’ll be left looking utterly exquisite. From cotton candy to soft, deep rose, opt for a hue that looks fantastic while at the same time enhancing your natural skin tone. Just a heads-up, you may need to pre-lighten your hair for the proper pastel look. And for advice on how to make the process that much smoother, check out our guide on simple ways to transform your hairstyle.

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