Peach Perfect Colour Transformation!

RUSH is all about colour! Especially this November with our 50% Off Colour offer, available throughout November!

So, to get you inspired, we recently completed a radical colour transformation on Kyd!
Kyd has the sort of hair that gives everyone who meets her hair envy! With stunning, voluminous, brunette curls, Kyd wanted to transform her hair to a peachy blonde in one day! And that’s exactly what the talented team at Rush did!

Check out the steps we took to achieve her ultimate hair goals..

Firstly, lets throwback to a before photo!
Here you can see our starting point with Kyd’s gorgeous mane of brunette curls…


STEP 1: Pre Lighten!

The first step for Kyd was to pre-lighten the mid-lengths to ends of her hair. (We used Platinum mixed with Loreal Smartbond!)


STEP 2: Lightening the Roots!

Once the pre-lightener had lifted the ends, we lightened the natural hair at the roots and let this develop!


STEP 3: More Lightening!

After this, we applied a new mixed batch all the way through the pre-lightened ends. We let this develop for another 20 minutes!


STEP 4: Rinse
Next we rinsed the pre-lightener and towel dried the hair. We then applied L’Oreal Smart bond part 2 and rinsed further!


STEP 5: Tone!

After drying off the hair we began the toning process! We used a soft violet with small amounts of intense copper to create a peach finished look!


STEP 6: Styling!
Once the toner had developed we rinsed and dried Kyd’s hair. Next stop was styling this new look!
We brought back Kyd’s bouncing curls with a blowdry!


Kyd was all smiles with her new peachy look!


We recently caught up with Kyd to check she was still happy flaunting her peachy curls…




Loving Kyd’s hot new look? Check out this mega-babe over on her Insta, @kydnereida



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