Popbands are now available at Rush salons!

Popbands are for sale at all of our Rush salons! At Rush we only sell products that we love. Whats’s not to love about these hair bands, they are kind on the hair and cute on the wrist!

In 2013 Lou Booth and Keli Craig were fed up with tight, cheap hairbands that pull out your hair and leave the dreaded kink. So the pair created Popband. They don’t damage your hair, leave a kink or pull your hair out. The brand has grown from strength to strength and can be found in all major high street shops! 

The pair created the ultimate hair band for girls and women of all ages. They also look cute on the wrist and they come in a range of colours and designs. There is a Popband for every occasion! They are the ultimate ‘must have’.

Popbands also make great gifts. This Christmas if you are struggling for ideas- why don’t you pop down to your nearest Rush salon? Grab a few packs for friends and family. Popbands are £8 a pack in our Rush salons so make sure to grab them before they are gone!

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