Rush Birmingham under new management, meet Liam and Scott

Rush Birmingham at Unit S10, 72 Corporation Street, Martineau Place, Birmingham, West Midlands, B2 4UQis under new management. We go behind the scenes and chat with Liam and Scott to find out about the new salon setup…

When did you start your hairdressing careers?

Salon Managers Liam & Scott
Salon Managers Liam & Scott

Liam- After discovering a natural flair for hairdressing I started my career at the age of 15, progressing from Assistant all the way to Style Director and Head of Styling in just 6 years. Hairdressing has, and always has been a big part of my life and from a young age I had a clear guide and ambition to succeed within the industry, completing my training extremely quickly in just under two years. Over the years I have kept this vision, building up an extremely busy clientele and having an excellent reputation within the area, something I’m very proud of.

Scott- At the tender age of 14, with an interest in current fashions and trends, I decided to pursue a career in hairdressing at one of my local hair salons. I loved the buzz of making a client feel fabulous and giving an excellent customer service. At the age of 18 and a clear dedication to my work I qualified and worked my way up to technical director. After excelling in my technical work it wasn’t long before I became head of colour within the salon. Over the years I have built a clientele that respect my advice and enjoy coming to see me for my honest and well-rounded approach to hairdressing.

What attracted you to Rush & what are you most looking forward to about running Rush Birmingham?

Liam & Scott- As a very reputable company in hairdressing, we felt that a move to Rush would be the perfect choice for us to progress our careers. When living in a climate of decline, to see a company ascend into a super brand, consistently opening new stores is a rarity. We both felt, as a pair, that we need to deliver our passion for our trade onto other people and help create success and bright futures. We are both so excited to see our staff grow as people and as hairdressers, and we feel that the right support, guidance and approach is key. We are willing to take on any new challenge and ready to take Rush Birmingham to the next level! With Rush having fantastic opportunities to become members of the well known Artistic Team, the career progression with Rush is endless, something we would both inspire to progress onto, eventually helping inspire the whole company and share our passion with them.

What can clients expect from Rush Birmingham?

Liam & Scott- As hairdressers, we pride ourselves on our amazing customer service. As a big salon, we like to be friendly, chatty and give our clients a relaxed environment, where they feel comfortable and love coming to see their stylist on a regular basis. As a client, it’s always hard to recreate fabulous hair that has been created in the salon, our ethos is to advise and teach our client how to maintain, style and wear their look when at home. We want people to feel confident that their hair is modern, current, but maintainable. All of our Stylists at Rush Birmingham are dedicated to achieve this for you and infused with their bubbly personalities, will leave you feeling transformed.

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