Rush Hair in Dubai to educate delegates from the Arab Emirates

Constantly pushing creative boundaries, RUSH Hair recently travelled to Dubai to educate delegates from the Arab Emirates – The RUSH Way. International Artistic Director Andy Heasman and International Colour Director Chris Williams spent three days in the Jumeirah Beach resort in Dubai as they took on several seminars to teach L’Oreal Professional’s 2011 Evolution collection.

Andy and Chris taught delegates from many of the countries right across the state. The first day of the trip saw the boys teach 250 hairdressers in a mass demonstration where each hairdresser had a mannequin head to work on as they followed the expert advice that Andy and Chris were demonstrating on the stage. Making the perfect working combination on stage, Andy taught the various cutting techniques while Chris introduced stages of colour for L’Oreal’s Evolution for the colour to highlight the techniques Andy was creating.

The following days of the trip witnessed Chris and Andy teach in a local salon before they moved onto teaching a group of 40 ex-pats who are based in Dubai.

“Dubai is an incredible place and it was such a great experience for both Andy and myself. Teaching to such a mass audience of 250 was amazing as we watched our styles develop on hundreds of mannequin heads across the room. We were honoured to teach in the Arab Emirates as they were so enthusiastic to learn new skills and techniques”

Chris Williams, International Colour Director, RUSH Hair.


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