Rush hosts 2017 Hair Fashion Night Event

L’Oréal Professionnel have hosted their annual global hairstyle called ‘Hair Fashion Night’ annually for four years, and this year L’Oréal chose our flagship salon The House of Rush in London to host the event at.

Last years Hair Fashion Night event saw nearly 100,000 women styled by 10,000 hairdressers in 25 countries. This year L’Oréal wanted to double those figures, ambitious but admirable! We were honoured to be chosen to host their flagship event, and our leading stylists helped out throughout the evening.

Our Rush Stylists at the event:

L’Oréal invited their favourite bloggers, celebrities, and influencers to the event. The DJ played the latest songs while our stylists transformed the attendee’s hair. The energy and excitement was electric as everyone was treated to the latest catwalk hair trends. The trendy vespa at the entrance along with the pick n mix table of our favourite Lindt chocolates and a range of L’Oréal Professionnel products helped to make the evening one to remember.

The bloggers and influencers had 5 looks to choose from; Messy Sidebraid, Braided Bun, Front Braid, Twisted Ponytail or Modern Waves. Rush Art Team member Jamie Benny and Shelley Sumner from The Rush Workshop Team were amongst a strong team of stylists on the night. Each guest was advised on what look would suit their hair and face shape. The attendees were then treated to a 20-minute styling session. Every look was amazing! The guests were all really pleased with their final looks and documented their evening on their social channels.

The 5 Looks from the night:

It was great to see what fun everyone had, thanks again to L’Oréal for giving us the chance to host something so special. We cannot wait for next year’s Hair Fashion Night event!

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