Emma Fitzpatrick

The Rush Workshop Team An Insiders View

Emma Fitzpatrick is a Rush Workshop Team Member and participates with the L’Oréal education program. We asked her to give her insiders view of what it’s like to be a workshop team member. Here’s what she had to say: 🖤 RUSH Live 2017 🖤 #backstage #prep @officialrushhairbeauty @officialrushartteam #hairdresser #creative #hair #colour @lorealeducationuk @lorealpro #idartist […]

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Emma Fitzpatrick is a Rush Workshop Team Member and participates with the L’Oréal education program. We asked her to give her insiders view of what it’s like to be a workshop team member. Here’s what she had to say:

“I’m Emma and I am part of the Colour Workshop Team at RUSH. I am also a stylist at Rush Aldwych in London.

Sometimes my clients ask me what I get up to with the Rush Hair Workshop Team. Often they’re interested in how we create the looks that you see in magazines. So, I thought I would share this with you too.

I have been with Rush for over 10 years, even as a trainee, I would travel far and wide to watch all the demonstrations and shows from the Rush Creative Teams. The shapes and tones I saw blew my mind, I never knew there was so much you could do with hair! I never dreamt that one day I would be doing these things too!

As soon as I let my teammates know that I wanted to grow as a hair stylist and join the Rush Creative Teams, I was offered so many opportunities for education and growth.

So, after a few auditions and lots of mentoring – I was a member of the team too!

Now I get to paint all sorts of fun colours, shapes & styles. From technical clean highlights to multicoloured unicorn fringes and even spray-paint graffiti effects. All on hair.

As you would imagine, with cutting hair, there are rules to ensure you get the best shape. With colour, it is the same, even the creative looks!

Not only do we need to learn the ‘science-bit’ – but what is really important is WHERE we place the colours and pieces within the haircuts. That gets crazy technical too.

My boss, Chris Williams, Rush International Colour Director, has won some big hairdressing awards. So I’m confident I have learnt from the best!

Insider Tip: Did you know, we apply our creative colours AFTER the models have had their new cuts!? This is different from how it’s done in the salons, but with the colours we use, it is a must!

We use colour to enhance a shape and draw the eye to certain areas, highlighting disconnections, fun textures and exciting focal points.

So we watch the Cutting Team closely as the shapes appear! It is essential that the cut and colour work in harmony – so we have to make sure we do the same.

I like to talk in shapes. For example, if a cut is rounded and full, I would work a fluid rounded section of colour! And use warm colours that enhance the fullness that this gives! And I would save the more angular sections and linear sketch-like techniques for the strong, graphic shapes.

Every season, we create a new collection which can be inspired by anything. Some of the ideas for Rush’s collections can be months in the making!

These ideas are influenced by a wide range of things, such as trends, travel, and culture. The looks are always underpinned by all the rules and techniques that make them work.

Another great passion of mine is the mixing of colours! Whether it’s adding coolness to coppers or mint green to pink – I’m not afraid to break the rules! Experimentation and not being afraid to take a few risks are the best ways to discover new looks.

You can often find the Colour Team huddled in a corner with a white piece of paper, millions of multicoloured bowls and brushes, testing out an endless combination of tones!

While my clients like seeing the work we do at the shows, it doesn’t mean they all want this on their own hair. The skills and techniques I have learned whilst on my journey, allow me to give my clients The best colour they have ever had.

My favourite thing about working at Rush connecting with so many different people and hearing their story. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to feel their vibe, understand their style, and from that create the perfect palate that is tailored to them. Hairstyles and colour don’t have to be crazy either, sometimes sparkly highlights, a soft ombre, or rich chocolate gloss, are all a client needs to rock their look!

Rush Creative Teams and I have been busy recently, playing with lots of fun, colourful looks! And we have lots of shows, shoots and live presentations online coming up! So stay tuned!”

You can follow more of Emma’s adventures with the Rush Creative teams over on her Instagram account @emmafitzzrush and the Rush Creative Teams at @rushacademy

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