Rush Live 2010

London’s legendary nightclub – Pacha was the venue for the second annual RUSH Live, where the award winning RUSH Artistic Team launched their latest collection Arch-I-tech in aid of HAIRraising (GOSH). Having already raised £44,000 for GOSH through their RUSH50 initiative to celebrate the launch of their 50th salon in London’s Earls Court in March this year, the salon group raised another £12,000 from RUSH Live.

International Creative Director Stelios Andrew introduced the evening alongside Lesley Miles, Director of Marketing and Communication of GOSH, which was followed by two DVD’s offering the audience an insight into what was about to be revealed.  Inspiring and educating The RUSH Way, the Artistic Team, led by Artistic Director Andy Heasman and International Colour Director Chris Williams took the captivated audience on a journey down a double-edged sword, showing today’s trend for online lifestyles and the art world’s subculture that is reacting to it.  Curved ergonomic shapes were inspired by the now futuristic and digital world of architecture, in particular the architect Zaha Hadid, who designed the new Chanel building in Paris.

Soft, disconnected and rounded shapes were enhanced by deep copper and ruby reds while blondes had subtle halo shapes added for texture and depth. Fresh from London’s Fashion week, designers Belle Sauvage and University Graduate from Central St. Martins, Shinyong Kyun provided their latest collections to showcase alongside RUSH’s latest styles.

RUSH Session Team members Tina Farey and explored a gothic and dark world of death with cobweb masks and elongated rounded shapes to reference an alien influence.  Middlesex University Graduate Lucy Kennedy’s clothes, which were influenced by the Church of Bones in Prague complimented the presentation perfectly.

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Artistic Team Members Paola Fattorusso, Dimitri Loizi and Lorenzo Favata joined Andy Heasman on stage who demonstrated the new collection, explaining in detail the techniques and influences.  With an electric atmosphere, RUSH creativity filled the room as each style presented stimulated and excited the audience. The RUSH revolution continues with RUSH Live introducing a new wave of inspiration and creativity for 2011.

‘Creativity is power, when unleashed it can change your life forever’

RUSH Artistic Team