Must have advanced facials this Spring!

In the lead up to the summer months, an advanced facial or peel is recommended. Our therapists say it is best to have a peel now before you jet off for your summer vacation. This is because it gives your skin time to repair itself. If you do go into the sun after your peel then remember to wear an SPF to avoid any pigmentation! At selected Rush Beauty salons we have an incredible offer for our clients! If you have never had a facial before then this offer is for you- we are giving our clients 20% off their first facial. At Beauty Croydon, we are offering 20% off your first Dermaquest facial, and at Beauty Sutton and Windsor we are offering 20% off your first Medispa facial.

Why Dermaquest?

The therapists at Beauty Croydon love Dermaquest and are very knowledgeable about the brand, their treatments, and products. Dermaquest was founded in 1990 by Sam Dhatt, he wanted to create an outstanding skincare line for professional and home use. Dermaquest are leaders in plant stem cell technology and provide facial peels that are paraben-free using salicylic, lactic and glycolic acid. To help you enjoy these benefits there are four Dermaquest facials available with this offer; Primary Pumpkin, Power Peptide, Mangobrite and Glycolic 40% with stem cells.

Which facial should I have?

The Primary Pumpkin mask is one of Rush Beauty Croydon’s best sellers. It helps to prevent acne breakouts , relieves post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and stimulates collagen. If you are looking for a skin peel that has advanced anti-ageing techniques and helps resurface skin for wrinkle correction, then Power Peptide is the facial for you! Mangobrite is best for uneven skin, and if you want to brighten your complexion then we recommend this. If you are looking for a facial that is deeply exfoliating and helps treat UV damage then the Glycolic 40% with stem cells facial is the one for you! If you are still unsure which facial is for you or have any questions or any queries feel free to pop in or call the salon, they will be more than happy to help.

How to get to Beauty Croydon

Rush Beauty Croydon is easily accessible with East Croydon train station a five-minute walk away and parking nearby. You have no excuse not to come in to take advantage of this offer! The team at Beauty Croydon are dedicated to providing you with the best customer service and quality treatments. The girls at Beauty Croydon absolutely love Dermaquest products so they are offering 20% off your first Dermaquest facial.

What Medispa treatments are included in the offer?

Our Rush Beauty and Medispa salons are home to elite therapists. We have carefully selected the finest brands in the industry to use across a wide range of treatments. At Sutton and Windsor Medispa treatments are popular with our clients, so we thought we would offer new clients 20% off their first Medispa facial. The treatments that are included in the offer are; Medical Microdermabrasion, Medical Micro-needling, and all Medispa skin peels.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Medical Microdermabrasion is a treatment which uses fine medical grade crystals to exfoliate the skin. After the treatment, the outer layers of the skin looks fresher and younger-looking. It also helps get rid of dry, dead skin. The procedure will stimulate the blood flow, encouraging the skin to produce collagen. Once the therapist has gone across the skin once, they will then target problem areas, for example; wrinkles, and acne scarring.

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What is Medical Micro-needling?

Medical Micro-needling is a hugely popular treatment with our Sutton and Windsor clients. A pen-shaped device which uses 12 very fine needles helps to break down old scar tissue, stimulate skin cells and improve the blood supply. The device slides across the skin, penetrating the upper layers which create tiny needle wounds. The skin will be cleaned before the treatment and a numbing cream is applied. Clients may experience redness and mild swelling, but it will go down. The treatment improves skin texture, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, improves pore size and helps fade acne scars. If you have any queries please ask our therapists.

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What Medispa skin peels are on offer?

There are 8 skin peels included in the offer, they are; Agera Vitamin C peel, Obagi Radiance Peel, Glycolic Peel, Enerpeel Mandelic, Enerpeel Salicylic, Enerpeel Jessner, Enerpeel Pyruvic and Enerpeel Eye & Lip.

What skin peel should I have?

If you want to give your skin a glow and have a gentle peel and zero downtime then the Agera Vitamin C Peel would be the most suitable as it is suitable for all skin types. For clients wanting clearer, fresher looking skin then the Obagi Radiance Peel is suggested because it helps control oil, shine, and congestion. The Glycolic Peel reduces the appearance of fine lines wrinkles and sun damage. It exfoliates the skin and leaves the skin looking smoother and brighter!

Clients that have red, sensitive skin should opt for the Enerpeel Mandelic. It improves the textures of skin without causing irritation. The Enerpeel Salicylic is ideal for acne prone skin, the peel helps to control breakouts and soothe irritated skin. If you have uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation then the Enerpeel Jessner is a good peel to try, it helps to improve sun damage and age spots.

If you are after the ultimate anti-ageing treatment which also rejuvenates your skin then opt for the Enerpeel Pyruvic. The peel treats fine lines, open pores and improves skin laxity, which reveals brighter looking skin. Some clients are after a different type of peel – for example, the Enerpeel Eye & Lip. It targets the eye and lip areas, so if you want to reduce fine lines and crows feet then choose this peel.

How to get to Beauty Sutton/ Beauty Windsor

The latest offer is also available at Rush Beauty Windsor and Rush Beauty Sutton. Sutton Beauty is located near a train station so it can be easily reached- exactly what you need when you are planning a relaxing facial. Like the other two beauty salons, Windsor Beauty is a short walk from Windsor & Eton Central train station so the beauty salon is easy to get to, why not enjoy a facial after a bit of sight-seeing? The two salons absolutely love treating new clients- so pop in and meet our lovely therapists.

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