Banish split ends for good!

Split ends are inevitable and aren’t just the result of overuse of hot tools or mistreating your locks. Unless you have a hairstylist on hand at all times who can constantly chop your locks, you’re are guaranteed to find a few frayed ends to ruin your mood.

Split ends are incredibly common they can be caused by wear-and-tear or, simply, age. But just because they are common it doesn’t mean you have to live with them. There are simple step you can take to prevent frayed ends and eliminate the frustrating ragged ends

Read on to find out what you can do!

Prevent them


Use a soft brush – Using a brush with hard bristles can cause your hair a lot of damage, using brushes softer brushes avoids pulling and tugging at the hair as this can rip sections of the hair and cause splitting.


Turn down the heat! from tongs to haidryers and curlers a simple preventative is to limit the heat on your hair . Any heat will inevatibily damage your strands but ensuring you arent fryng your hair with hot tools can be better for your locks in the long run!

Night Time

Prevent knotting at night by putting your hair in a lose bun or pony. Tossing and turning in your sleep can take its tole on your hair.Putting yor hair up in a lose do with stop this from happening. Equally you haave to ensure that your hair isnt too tight as it can have adverse effect on your hair


We have mentioned in previous posts the importance of having a healthy and balanced diet and the positive effect it can have on your strands. Ensuring your eating vitamin-rich foods and drinking lots of water will improve the texture and elasticity of your tresses!


Washing and drying your hair too regularly can cause damage due to heat exposure. Make sure to use conditioner every time you wash the hair and use regular masks or treatments weekly to improve your hair health.

Disguise them

Use hair oils or sleek products that minimise the look of split ends. There are many products that claim they can “heal split ends”. These products can be used to seal split ends so they look better, but the damage is still there. While this will help the look of frizzy hair, this is only a short term solution. The only way to stop further damage to the hair is by cutting split ends off. This will maintain healthy looking locks and steer you away from straggly looking ends.

Eliminate them

Book regular Rush appointment – Regularly trimming your hair every 6-8 weeks will maintain healthy looking hair and reduce the risk of split ends. If you are trying to grow your hair you can ask to have just the split ends cut off.

Book in with your nearest Rush salon for regular trims to keep those split ends in check