How To Get The Festive Look: Party Girl



The perfect do to glam up your work party, Rush gives you the:

Party Girl!

We’ve just two working weeks left until Crimbo, the dreaded office Christmas parties are in full swing. Follow our step-by-step guide to recreate this gorgeous look at home; you’ll be the one everyone’s talking about, but for all the right reasons this year!

STEP ONE: Set your hair on large rollers and leave to work for roughly 20 minutes.

STEP TWO: Remove the rollers and start to work your way up your head, back combing sections from the roots but leaving your fringe section out.

STEP THREE: Taking the front sections on both sides of your head, pull round to the back and meet in the middle. Once you have joined the two side sections together, secure firmly using Kirby grips and spray.

STEP FOUR: Gently smooth over your fringe section and pull it back over the top of your hair. Once you meet the pinned area at the back, secure your fringe section using the same method as step three.

Your PARTY GIRL look is now ready and rearing to go…

Now where is the bubbly…?

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