How To Get The Festive Look: Laid Back Tresses

The perfect style to get you in the festive mood, Rush gives you:

Laid Back Tresses

There’s always that one occasion you want to achieve messy but styled locks and with this look, natural and beauty goes hand in hand. It suits those with longer hair and looks simply stunning on all faces shapes. Get this look at home by following our simple step-by-step below…

Step 1

After washing and drying your hair, separate into 1-2 inch sections and using a heated hair wand, loosely curl the lengths of your hair.

Step 2

Starting from the front left hand side of your head take 3 sections of hair and, working horizontally, start a loose French plait.

Step 3

On every third section, let half of the hair drop, so you only plait half of the section into the French plait.

Step 4

Continue to plait your hair around the crown of your head, using this technique and when you reach the other side, secure with a Kirby grip.

Step 5

Spray generously with a firm hold hair spray to keep in place!

Top Tip 

For those of you with shorter hair, you too can achieve this gorgeous look at home with a few added clip in extensions.

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