Top Ten Worst Celebrity Hairstyles

Being a celebrity and constantly having your pictures arising in the media can cause serious mental problems. It’s a shame that these celebs took that stress out on their hair… These catastrophic hair styles are evidence that celebrities do go through rough patches, literally. As a hairdresser blog, you usually come to read about what to do with your hair however this post is strictly for what NOT to do.

But in all seriousness, this isn’t to shame any one, it is simply just a trip down memory lane and recovering real hair tragedies from the hall of shame.

10. Eggy Azalea
In 2015 the rap superstar, Iggy Azalea, decides to turn up to the Grammys with a braided birds nest on her head. After getting destroyed on twitter, we never saw this look again… thankfully

9. Absolutely Price-less
We all love a bit of length and volume but Katy Price introduced us to a whole new level of plastic realness. I mean we all love a bargain on hair but when it’s free, you should take the hint.

8. Pink Punk Realness
Kelly Osbourne served us this punk realness and I can safely say that pink is no longer the nations favourite colour for new-borns.

7. Vampire to Werewolf
Twilight star Robert Pattinson decided to take a tail home from work and stick on the back of his head. Ironic.

6. Shia, oh dear
I guess tails are becoming trendy which is very unfortunate. The movie star Shia LaBeouf jumped on the same bandwagon as Patterson and the rest of the cast from ratatouille.

5. The One Where Rachel Got Half Finished Dreads
This is definitely Jennifer Aniston’s most prominent looks over the years. The ‘Friends’ actress walked the red carpet with her questionable take on dreadlocks. No one told us life was going to be this way.

4. Who let the Barbie get mouldy?
Nicki Minaj attempted to add leopard print to a wig… yep our thoughts exact. Her wig game was not serving serious styles today unfortunately.

3. I think she needs her genie back…
The only magic bottles that will save Christina Aguilera at this point is a pack of shampoo and conditioner. I’m surprised she seems so calm after putting her fingers in a plug socket.

2. Oops She Did It Again
Bald Britney was a shocker for everyone. It was ten years ago in February since we saw the shape of the pop stars’ skull, good times. Surprisingly it’s not the most outrageous thing she’s done over the years.

1. The Grande Finale…
Rolling in riches but what a tragic toupee. One of the richest men in the world, the president of the United States yet he does have a laid down doo. Just like everything else this man does, it’s rubbish.

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