5 Tips for Taking Care of Relaxed & Natural Hair In Cold Weather

As the winter weather starts to set in, Afro hair specialist, Nita franchisee of Rush Kilburn shares her top tips for taking care of your Afro relaxed and natural hair this season.

Moisturfusion Conditioning Treatment
Moisturfusion Conditioning Treatment

1. Keep your natural or relaxed hair hydrated and soft by having weekly moisture treatment. Ask your stylist for a Mizani Moisturfusion Conditioning Treatment then follow up with a moisturising, nourishing hair dress suitable for your hair texture (e.g. Rose H2O).

2.Why not treat your relaxed hair with Mizani H2O Intense Night time treatment. You don’t even have to wash it out in the morning. Just apply a little of this creamy, leave-in treatment to your dry hair before bed. Remember to secure your hair up in a bun or wrap-set then tie it with a silk/satin scarf.

3. Another tip is to add a few drops of Mizani Supreme Oil Hair Treatment, (8 pure oils and Vitamin E) to the hair after applying the H20 Intense Night time treatment (see above). The results is even, amazingly silky soft hair in the morning.

Mizani Therasmooth Shine Extend Anti Humidity

4. For natural coiled/Afro hair (Curl Type 6 to 8) if you would like to enjoy thermal-straightened hair without worrying about the return of the frizz then Mizani ThermaSmooth service would be ideal! The 4-step system, non-permanent service will give you the smoothness you require as well as sheen and softness. Your natural curls will reappear when your hair is washed.

5. Do not forget to look after your scalp during the cold seasons! A few drops of Comfiderm Scalp Oil is excellent and soothing for a dry scalp. Revitalise your tight, dry scalp with the Jojoba, Avocado oils and Rosemary extract, all found in the Mizani Comfiderm Scalp Oil.  Apply to clean scalp once or twice per week  and massage in.
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