6 ways to style with GHDs

GHDs are every girl’s lifesaver hair tool, enabling you to smooth, twist and finish your hair into the best possible style. What many of us don’t know is that they are more than just a hair straightener. The leading hair styling electrical product and hairdressers go-to tool for hairdryers, straighteners and curling wands. We’ve put together a celebrity inspired ‘how to’ guide to show you how you can have a Good Hair Day every day…

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We take you through 6 different looks you can achieve with the range of GHD products.

Kendall Jenner straight hair
Ghd V Gold Series for the classic straight look

1. The Classic Straight and Sleek

We love the classic chic straight look, as seen on Kendall Jenner. Quick and easy to do, leaving your hair with a beautiful shine, start by using a paddle brush and a heat protector spray to prepare the hair. Clip and divide the hair into different sections, starting from the base of the head, glide GHD straightener from the root of the hair slowly towards the end. We love the new GHD Platinum Range.


The plates on GHDs are healthier for the hair as they have 3 ceramic heaters controlled by a digital thermostat, ensuring the irons don’t overheat, thereby reducing hair breakage by over 50% and increasing shine by 20%!

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2. The Hollywood side sweep

This look is all about old Hollywood glamour, as seen on Rita Ora on the red carpet. To bring a bit of glam to your Christmas parties, prepare the hair by gently brushing with a wide paddle brush and spraying with a heat protector.

Divide the hair in sections and starting from the root, wrap the hair around the GHD Curve Classic Curling Tong horizontally. Hold for about 10 seconds then release and twirl the curl with your finger. Repeat around the head starting from the bottom up to the top of the head. On the top layer of the hair, only curl from halfway down, applying the curler from the ear level down.

Gently brush through with a wide paddle brush to group all the ringlets together. Finish with a small amount of Rush Shine and Refine Finishing Serum for a beautiful shiny finish. Style into a side parting and sweep hair over one shoulder and add some red lipstick for true Hollywood glam!


The GHD curler range have a perfectly rounded GHD iron which avoids snags and breakages. It is able to create varied styles of curls depending on how you wrap the hair around the tong and the angle the curler is held.

3. The Beach Babe Waves

Kate Hudson's long blonde wavy hair
Loose tousled beach waves
Kate Hudson is the queen of California cool with effortless long wavy hair. For this look, prepare the hair with Rush Dry Shampoo to set the hair for a matt beach like texture.

Starting from halfway down the hair for a more natural finish, divide your hair into sections. Place your hair section between the plates of your GHD, starting from about the jaw down holding the styler in the same diagonal direction as the hair.

Twist and rotate the hair 360 degrees gently pulling through towards the ends of the hair, twisting as you go for big loose curls. Play with the curl with your fingers to keep the shape. Repeat throughout the hair following the direction. Shake through and brush out with your fingers for that natural effortless finish.

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4. Va-Va-Va-Volume

Another great party look this season, give your hair a real boost and bounce using the GHD Create Curl Wand all over your hair for a voluminous mane. Divide the hair into diagonal sections to prepare the hair, starting from the front section of the hair, twist the hair section before wrapping it around the GHD curling wand. Roll the tong up towards the root and hold for about 5-8 seconds. Release and swivel the ringlet with your fingers, for extra volume, swivel the curls and pin to the head while they cool down. Repeat all over the head and once curled all over tip head upside down and shake out with your fingers. Finish with GHD Style Final Fix Hairspray to keep the hold for longer.

5. The ‘I woke up like this’

Alexa Chung's effortless tossled waves
Alexa’s effortless tossled waves
The ultimate chic bed-head look is actually harder to achieve that some might think! Channel Kate Moss and Alexa Chung how it’s done with the tousled textured wave in her bob.

It’s all in the preparation here, apply Rush Lift and Defy Root Lift Gel to set the hair. Then at at 180 degree angle wrap the hair around the tong, pulling the hair through, alternating the direction of each strand for a messy look either away from the face or towards the face. Repeat throughout until all the hair as been curled.

Brush through hair with your fingers and apply a small drop of and the hold and matt texture. Great for adding a bit of natural texture to shorter hair styles.

6. The Quick Crimp

Jennifer Lawrence wavy bob
Straighten over your plaits like Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence knows how to cheat and achieve beautiful waves using plaits and hair straighteners in a fraction of the time! Separate your hair into plaits and then straighten your tongs over your plaits using GHD Gold Classic Styler.

This is a really quick and easy way to get waves if you’re not confident in twisting and curling your hair yourself. By applying heat to the plaits the hair sets into waves. Unravel the plats and shake through with your fingers and style with a finishing spray to set the texture for this tousled chic look.

Ask your Rush stylist for more styling advice for special occasions this winter and the best GHD products for your hair type.

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