The Biggest Hair Colour Trends of 2019

We’ve already spoken about the biggest hair trends of 2019, but what about the hair colour trends that are going to be huge this year? Whether you like to experiment with non-natural hair colours or prefer to keep things a little more low key, there’s a style to suit. Dyeing your hair is a great way to refresh or totally change your look; book an appointment with your Rush stylist to get ahead of the curve.

Living Coral

As Pantone’s 2019 Colour of the Year, we couldn’t not include Living Coral; a ‘life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone’ that’s going to be everywhere this year. Orange shades are having a moment anyway, but it’s this slightly softer colour that’s really going to take off – especially when it comes to hair. After a few years of political upheaval, Living Coral symbolises ‘our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits,’ says Pantone. It’s a slightly edgier version of the pastel pink or rose gold hair colours we’ve seen a lot of over the last few years, and we love it. It’s playful and oh-so Instagrammable (you won’t need a filter on this one!). Think of it as the new millennial pink.


Chestnut & Copper

Multi-dimensional shades have come into their own with the popularity of balayage, but this year, classic chestnut shades will get a modern uplift with face-framing tonal highlights. Copper highlights (à la Miranda Kerr) add depth and warmth to brunette hair. Come summer, everyone will be adopting face-framing colour; get ahead of the trend with this low maintenance look.


Cool Blonde

Who doesn’t love a cool blonde colour? This year, so-called ‘snow bunny’ blonde will be the way to go if you’re a peroxide puritan. Kim Kardashian’s ultra-pale, powdery blonde is the exact shade we’ll all be after this year. It’s less ashy and a little more neutral than its platinum predecessors, and has a very slight hint of baby blue in it. It’ll work best on pale and neutral skin tones, or skin that’s got a pinkish undertone. Other skin tones should go for more neutral or whitish blondes, rather than bluish ones. You can find out which skin colour will best suit your skin tone with our guide.


Smoky Pink

We’ve already picked out smoky pink hair as a huge hair trend for 2019, and since it’s a colour (duh!), we had to mention it again. With over 5 million Instagram posts (and counting) dedicated to pink hair, this prettiest of pastel colours isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Smoky pink colours are a little more grown-up than the classic pastel pinks we’re used to seeing; it’s soft and sooty, with ashen undertones. And it’s a little more versatile, suiting most skin tones and ages. Plus, it’s got that modern, multi-dimensional look that we’re all after.


Inky Black

Thanks to the glass hair trend last year, glossy hair is back. And inky black hues are perfect for showcasing your shine. It started gaining popularity during winter 2018, and will continue to do so well into 2019. This jet black look works especially well on olive skin tones; it can wash out those with paler complexions, so you should apply a touch of bronzer or fake tan to add warmth to your skin if you really want to go over to the dark side. Keep your colour looking vibrant in-between salon visits by using a colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner. Actress Lucy Hale’s razor-sharp bob showcases this colour perfectly.


Baby Blonde

If you’re after a more natural-looking blonde, consider going baby blonde this year. This colour is all about creating a sun-kissed look, not dissimilar to the natural streaks you see on surfers or little kids in summer. Warmer and less icy than traditional platinum hues, it’s ideal if you want to subtly switch up your look without totally changing the colour.


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