Eat Your Way To Happy Healthy Hair

It’s not just what you put on your hair that makes a difference as to how healthy it looks, and in today’s world, any number of stresses and strains can have an effect!

What food you eat can be as important as what masque, conditioner or shampoo you use – if you want beautiful, healthy hair. With your hair growing on average one inch per month, your body puts a lot of energy and effort into growing your lovely tresses!

To nourish your hair from the inside out you first need to know what foods can assist with the condition of your hair, so here’s our helpful infographic as a guide.

Superfoods for hair growth

Just a reminder – You should always follow medical professionals advice before making any dietary changes!

We all could do with feeling a little better every now and then and a healthier diet can’t hurt. If you’d like to get more advice about keeping your hair healthy you can ask a stylist for free advice at your local Rush salon.

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