Guide To Using Dry Shampoo

When you mention ‘dry shampoo’ in the office there is always a mixed reaction about when and why people use it. A good dry shampoo can prolong a salon blowdry and be a quick fix to freshen up hair in between washes, great for girls on the go!

Kate Hudson's top knot hair do
Kate Hudson’s effortless top knot hair style

First of all, what exactly is dry shampoo?

Dry Shampoo, despite the name is not actually a shampoo – it is not to be used as a shampoo substitute as it won’t clean your hair. It is a powder spray, sprayed into the hair roots to absorb grease, prolonging your hair appearance in between washes. Once sprayed to the roots, rub the product in with fingers or brush it through to remove any excess product. For styling, Dry Shampoo can be sprayed all over the hair for a better grip or to achieve a matte texture.

It’s perfect if you have overslept and didn’t have time to wash your hair or you find yourself with no access to water in the middle of a festival, dry shampoo is your friend! Plus it smells great, like adding a perfume to your hair during your morning routine.

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We take a look at how and when to use dry shampoo to give your hair a quick boost:

Evening dinner date

Have you ever had to get ready quickly and didn’t have time to wash your hair? Dry Shampoo is your time-saving answer! For extra volume, tilt your head at opposite angles spraying the roots and rubbing in with your fingers. Flick hair back and lightly back-comb at the roots to give your hair even more va-va-va volume! To take your hair to new heights, boost the roots then tie your hair into a top knot bun and add statement jewellery for a quick and glam evening look.

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Busy schedule ahead?

Dry Shampoo is a must have in every working girl’s handbag (along with a red lippy and a pocket tangle teezer). If you are going out after work and need to freshen your hair up, shake and spray dry shampoo along the hair about 10cm away to ensure you keep greasy roots at bay. Then rub in the dry shampoo with your fingertips into the scalp – so no white traces are left!

TOP TIP: Tip your hair upside down when spraying dry shampoo to the roots and rubbing in to create more volume to the hair.

Braid Away

Dry Shampoo is great to get more grip in tying and styling hair. Perfecting braids at home can be a tricky task to undertake and with freshly washed hair it can be hard and slippery. Spraying the hair a little all over, about 20cm away before starting your braid, will ensure your hair is more pliable and easier to keep hold of as you braid away.

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