Treatment Combination: Our Experts Guide on Everything you Should Know

It’s very easy for hair to become dull, lifeless and in need for some desperate care and attention – especially as we move into the sunny season. It’s also difficult to pinpoint exactly what your hair needs. After all, we all differ and this means different types of hair will require different types of treatment.

At Rush, we are offering a treatment that will give your hair the boost it needs, combining two of our must have treatment rituals, L’Oreal Smartbond and Kerastase Fusio Dose.  In order for you to fully understand the benefits of this combination we spoke to our expert, Senior Director – Jeremy Roca Ripoll for the nitty-gritty details.

Here’s some questions you may have had about the treatment combination:

What is the Smartbond treatment and what does it do?

The L’Oreal Smartbond treatment is often added during a colour service, ultimately it is designed to repair and strengthen the hair bonds whilst giving the hair shine and softness”


What is the Fusio Dose Treatment and what does it do?

Kérastase Fusio Dose is what we call the double cocktail treatment, it can be tailor made to suit anyone’s needs. The client will come to us with the issues that they are facing including dryness, lifelessness and a lack of volume, our stylists will then create a bespoke treatment. The good thing about the Fusio Dose is that ­­­­­it’s double feature includes a booster for even better results. There’s a Fusio Dose for any hair problem, dryness, density, colour and strength. If there’s more than one of these that needs targeting we can adapt the treatment with the booster to target more than one problem”


What are the benefits of combining both of these treatments in one?

Most people will have more than one issue they wish to target. With dryness, often comes lifelessness and with thin hair often comes a lack of density. The combination of both treatments enables us to target all issues within just one visit. It makes it a quicker process and perfect for anyone tight for time”


How do they complement each other?

Fusio is so versatile it can target anything, combining it with Smartbond allows for extra strength and colour protection alongside giving you an extra boost of shine and volume. It’s very popular during the summer as people often get dry hair from the sun and heat”


How should hair feel after getting the treatment done?

The hair will instantly feel soft, shiny and smooth. The treatment is also designed to show visible improvements of the hairs strength and volume”


Can anyone have the treatment? Does it work better with any specific hair types?

 Yes, with the wide range of targeted treatments it offers,  those with dry hair, fine hair, or any type of hair will benefit from it!”


How much longer will my service be when having the added treatment?

Unlike most hair treatments like Masques, the Fusio element of the combination is applied as a spray meaning there is no waiting time, so the treatment begins to start it’s magic from first impact. Being a spray also makes it easier to penetrate into the hair so results are very quick. The treatment as a whole will only add an extra 5- 10 minutes onto your whole service – the hair is towel dried after colour or cut, sprayed with the treatment, combed and then finalised with a light head massage”


How often do I need to get the treatment?

There is no set time frame, this is completely up to you – the treatment will stay in your hair for up to 5 washes but the results will still be visible after this time. We normally recommend you get the treatment alongside your usual colour service”


Why would you recommend that anyone should get the treatment combination?

During the summer especially, hair can become brittle and dry, there is no escaping this! Pollution in the air and the water we use to wash our hair are also factors we don’t even consider – but they do make a difference. The combination of both treatments will be that boost that your hair needs, providing strength, shine and volume”.


Click to find out more about our treatment combination offer – if you’re interested you can find your nearest salon and get booked in today.



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