Since 1986, LPG® has been developing state-of-the-art, patented technologies worldwide for the medical, paramedical, and aesthetic markets worldwide. in the Endermologie® technique, 100% natural, non-invasive and non-aggressive, stimulates the skin’s surface like a real skin fitness. Thanks to this mechanical stimulation, Endermologie® helps in:


· Draining toxins and stimulating the production of endogenous collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acidkeeping your skin looking radiant and youthful.

· Smoothing cellulite and reshaping the body..

· Restoring skin density and filling in fine lines and wrinkles.

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The NEW Cellu M6 Alliance® technology has been designed to target both anti-ageing and body contouring with visible results from just three sessions. The combined action of motorized roll and flap alongside a suction delivers 3 actions in only one treatment : resistant fat is then eliminated, cellulite smoothed and the skin firmed for a global body result. Waistline is reduced by 3.4 cm after only 3 sessions, until 5.2 cm after 12 sessions.

Sessions are bespoke to each client and the treatment’s intensity adapted to each skin type. So if there are any areas you wish to target our beauty therapists will ensure to personalise your treatment for even better results.


LPG Face Treatment

The latest CELLU M6 Alliance® technology also offers face tailor-made treatments. These treatments are all available in our Croydon Beauty salon. The patented face treatment head delivers a very pleasant massage ont he skin’s surface, acting like a real skin fitness. This mechanical yet very genle stimulation reactivates the fibrolasts deep inside the skin, drains the toxins and stimulates the production of endogenous collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid (+80%, Humbert Study, 2013), leaving you with a fresh, natural glowing face.



The Rush beauty team are here to provide you with the best possible service, ensuring that the treatment you go for is right for you and your skin. LPG face services offer results visible from just one treatment, these include:

Targeted Treatments:

Forehead, Eye Wrinkles, Eye Circles & Puffs, Mouth Area, Double Chin, Jawline, Neck, Decollete, Hands. 

10 min - £20.

Classic Treatments:

Glow: Designed to replace foundation, providing an intense but stimulating massage on the face and neck, reviving fibroblasts inside the skin. This will leave you looking instantly refreshed with youthful looking radiant skin. 15 min - £30.

Detox: Drains toxins and “reoxygenates” the skin for a purified, radiant complexion. 

20 min – £40.

Age Defying, Firming and Refining: Harmonizes face volumes, restores skin density and fills in fine lines. 

30 min - £60.

Décolleté & Bust: Re-densifies tissues and firms skin for a visibly smooth Décolleté. 

25 min - £50.

Signature Treatments:

Skin Awakening: Unifies skin complexion, tightens pores, and smooths wrinkles for a ‘new skin’ effect. 

40 min - £80.

Perfect Eyes and Lips: This treatment gently massages the eyes, lips and chin to lift the skin, widening the eyes and reducing puffy areas with instant effects. 

40 min – £80.

Cellular Stimulation: A combination of all treatments that drains toxins, lightens complexion, refines skin, and smooths fine lines the on face, neck and hands. 

75 min - £140.


Customised Treatments: 1 to 8 areas.

Women: Arms, back, waist, stomach, saddlebags, 

buttocks, thighs, inner thighs, knees and calves.

Men: Arms, back, chest, waist, stomach, thighs. 

You can choose your customised treatment to last between 

10 to 40 minutes – 

prices vary depending on length 

from £20 - £80.

Signature Treatments

Fluid Mobilization: Stimulates circulatory exchanges to fight water retention and drains toxins - for an immediate boost and sensation of lightness. 

30 min - £60.

Relaxation: Unwinds areas with muscular tension, eliminates stress, and brings a profound sensation of relaxation – for body and mind balance. 

30 min - £60.

Endermopuncture: An exceptional treatment that simultaneously stimulates adipocytes (slimming cells) and fibroblasts (rejuvenating cells). This treatment smooths and slims the body whilst reducing cellulite. 

50 min - £100.


LPG cannot be booked online.

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Melt away your stress in one of our Beauty Salons where our highly-trained therapists will customise a treatment plan to meet your unique needs. Be it a rejuvenating facial, a relaxing massage or a beautiful mani - we’ve got your me time covered!

Terms & Conditions: 

LPG cannot be booked online. To book your LPG appointment, visit Rush Beauty Croydon, or book over the phone.

Offer 1: 

Dates of the offer are as follows 1.7.19 – 31.7.19. Purchase any course in Rush Croydon Beauty for Endermologie LPG service and receive a complimentary 15 Minute LPG Glow Facial. Free glow facial must be booked in advanced and taken at time of another LPG treatment that has been booked as part of buying the course. Free Glow Facial must be redeemed by 31.08.19. Only valid in Rush Croydon Beauty. No cash alternative available. Free Glow Facial is not transferable to another client and cannot be exchanged for any other service. Course purchased must be more than 10 services as part of the LPG treatments available. Rush reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time. Time restrictions may apply when booking free glow facial. Subject to availability.

Offer 2:

Purchase any course in Rush Croydon Beauty for Endermologie LPG service and receive 2 free services of LPG to add to your already purchased 10 service course. Only valid in Rush Croydon Beauty. No cash alternative available. 2 Free services cannot be exchanged for any other service or be transferred to another client. Course purchased must be more than 10 services to receive the 2 free services. 2 free services will be the same service as course purchased. Rush reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time. Time restrictions may apply when booking. Subject to availability.

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