7 Kids Who Cut Their Own Hair

We’ve all been there, right? At least one of the team here at head office can remember being small and deciding that what their hair really needed was chewing gum, and of course, the excellent self-performed haircut to remove it!

Now-a-days we’re lucky (or not) to have the internet and Facebook so we can all share our worst hair fails! Here are our ten favourite videos that we found whilst trawling the book of faces! We just can’t not look!

1. The Little Girl Who’s Sure It’s All Ok

2. Beware The Hot Tongs

3. Helpful Instructions

4. The Little Boy Who Could

5. He Just Wanted To Be Like His Dad!

6. He’s Sorry!

7. Clippers Are More Effective Then You Think

Don’t end up with hair like this. Book into your local Rush salon today!

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