Autumn Hair Colours We Love

Autumn may very well be the most colourful season of all. Look outside and you’re treated to the vibrant reds and oranges so characteristic of this time of year. But where your hair colour is concerned, we’re here to suggest trying out something out of the ordinary. After all, the last thing you want is for your style to run out of steam at such a crucial annual juncture.

Unexpectedly bold and universally flattering, get ready to discover the most inspiring and unique autumn hair colour ideas of 2019 for your next salon appointment with Rush! Our hair colouring services are done by friendly, skilled hairdressers who will put you at ease and ensure you look your dazzling best throughout the new season.

Mulled Wine

In autumn, red is probably the right way to go. But you should definitely take it a few notches warmer; if your work is based around a corporate or more conservative environment, pushing style boundaries could be counterproductive. Instead, take a leaf out of Zendaya’s book, and try to make a difference with a mulled wine shade. This dusky crimson colour has hints of chardonnay red with onyx and adds auburn accents for dimension.

Smoky Green

If your blonde hair ever turned green from exposure to chemicals in the pool over summer, then you know what a headache that can be to put right. Good news, though. What might have been an accidental dye job nightmare is now a hot new autumn hair trend. Green undertones, especially on grey hair, are totally in. The ashy shades will give you stylish yet effortless vibes. Just ask Billie Eilish!

Blended Balayage

What better way to get the best of both worlds than with your hairdo? If you’re stuck between blonde and brunette, a soft fade from dark roots to golden tresses is exactly what the stylist ordered. Can’t decide which colour to go for? Why not just have the two?! Brighten your look as the nights begin to draw in by framing your face with blonde pieces like Margot Robbie (the whole squad will love it – trust us!).

Golden Brunette

Brown: sometimes a plain colour. But not for long! That’s because adding a touch of gold quickly brings dimension and shine, as well as confidence knowing your regular hair is now golden brunette. Slightly different from the blended balayage style, in that it’s one distinct shade, celebs such as Blake Lively show just how glorious going golden brunette can be. Make sure you give it a try this autumn!

Gingerbread Caramel

Hungry for a hair change? Gingerbread caramel is the golden, toasty shade of your autumn dreams. A bit brunette, a touch blonde, and just a smidge on the red side, too, we promise you’ve found THE perfect hair colour trend right here. Warming up the complexion and giving your tresses a gorgeous glossy sheen, start with your natural hair colour as the base, then add highlights in a blonde or auburn shade (the opposite of your natural colour). Keep the red tones subtle and predominantly placed around the face for a skin-brightening effect. Et voila: the ideal autumnal hairstyle. Emma Stone approves.

Inky Black

You don’t need to dye your hair some colourful concoction to make a dramatic statement this autumn. Long black hair like Camila Mendes’ stands out while looking natural and staying humble with all skin tones. Want to make sure your inky black shade stays dark throughout the fall season? Use a conditioner that will lock in colour to prevent premature fading.

No matter what your style, it’s easy to freshen up your go-to hair colour for autumn. Discover Rush Colour Artists today, and find an expert who’s will be happy to create you the perfect low-maintenance look as soon as the leaves start changing.