Best of the Bob: Our Favourite Short Hairstyles & How to Wear Them

Short hairstyles, especially the bob are having a bit of a moment right now, and it’s easy to see why. Top of the hairstyle request list with good reason, bobs are not a one-size-fits-all sort of deal; endlessly versatile, they’re also easy to manage and ooze sophistication like nothing else. Whether you have thick or fine hair, we’ve gathered all the inspiration you need for how to style this season’s most beloved look and get that beautiful new bob.

Short Hairstyles for Women


Shorter in length and cut in a way where one side is longer than the other, this all-time fashionable hairstyle caters to all types of faces and hair textures without needing too much maintenance. It’s ideal if you’re after a fun new hairdo and are bored with the same old look. Consider an asymmetrical bob cut if you feel like indulging your messier side; whether you’re trying to achieve the festival hair of your dreams or just add some attitude to your ‘do, this is the style for you.


Easy to maintain and oh-so-elegant, curled bob hairstyles can give you a more traditional look. At first sight, it may seem that all curly bobs are alike. But in reality, they’re highly versatile; you can experiment with finishes and textures, the size of the curl and highlights, and much more to make your bob unique and special.

For that glorious wavy effect, follow the steps below:

  1. Use a generous amount of prep spray to protect your hair from any heat damage.
  2. Wrap medium sections around a wand for soft waves. Alternate wrapping towards and away from your face to achieve an even look.
  3. Apply plenty of texturising spray to give your hair more volume. An important detail to remember: the greater the volume of your hair, the curlier it will be.
  4. Finish by using your fingers to loosen up the waves and create a lived-in look that’s both playful and utterly stylish.


If you want a modern touch of edginess to complement your shorter hair, styling it as an urban bob is definitely the right way to go. A slightly shaggy-looking, medium-length bob with disconnected ends is just what you need to get the party started. Best for those who are dreaming of some change in their lives but have no clue where to begin, edgy bob haircuts are chic, sophisticated, trendy, and effortless to maintain. And because the edgy bob hairdo varies from person to person, there will be something for your individual style – it’s an all-round look, that’s for sure. Embrace the chaos and be ready to throw out the old and welcome in the new with a vibrant, edgy bob!

To create this amazing hairstyle with its carefree vibe:

  1. Spray prep product in your hands and comb through in sections to add texture and hold.
  2. Blow dry thoroughly. (Don’t worry about getting your hair perfectly bevelled and straight. Remember, we’re going for messy!)
  3. Once you finish blow-drying your hair, section it again and begin to curl with a flat iron.
  4. After the curling is complete, run your fingers through your hair to separate the waves.
  5. Then take a small amount of styling product, rub into the palms of your hands, and scrunch through your hair evenly. Feel free to run an even smaller amount on your fingers and piece out parts of your hair to create a chunkier look.
  6. Shake your hair out with your hands and spray the ends. This will create a windswept effect while at the same time adding more volume.
  7. Finish with a light hold hairspray to lock in your style!


For a look that’s highly dramatic, puff hairstyles are always on-trend. They help create the illusion of your hair having more volume and thickness, which is usually done by teasing the hair itself a bit and producing a somewhat exaggerated look.

Centre puff is one of the most popular hairdos nowadays, for both bob cuts and longer styles, and is perfect when it comes to drawing attention to your face. Alternatively, if you’re bored with a centre puffed look and want to flaunt your bob in a different way, try adding freshness to this style by going for side puffs. All it takes is placing any bangs to one side and securing them with bob pins.


If Halle Berry can pull off this daring ‘do, so can you! The spiky bob is a little bit different from the more classic styles; usually, it features bangs with jagged edges and an overall ’shattered’ look, which makes it rather irresistible. Want a head-turning image to inspire your next haircut? Then prepare to fall in love with this pretty, unabashed kind of bob that’s ideal for showing the world just how much you mean business.

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